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Home Treatment

Home Treatment at Your Home

Do you often feel stuck in your life and can't find a way to solve your problems? It's hard for you to gain distance from your worries in a foreign environment. You have tried several times to get rid of this feeling, and you have turned to friends or family members. But the solution to your problem still seems out of reach. The thought of speaking in a cramped practice room makes you feel uncomfortable. Therefore, you have so far avoided professional help.


I believe that a 'Home Treatment' - a psychological consultation at your home - could be just the right thing for you. There are many good reasons for a consultation in your own home, and I understand that.

Home Treatment at Your Home by Nera Therapy

When your home becomes the practice room.

The consultation at your home

My task in the consultation is to help you clarify your problems. I want to help you recognize the connections between your individual problems and unconscious entanglements in your life.

Important information for you: My vehicle carries no advertising. The first conversation we have takes place discreetly over the phone. This way, we avoid unwanted attention from friends, neighbors, or relatives. This takes the pressure off you to justify yourself and at the same time helps you to engage with psychological counseling.

More About Home Treatment

What topics can we look at during Home Treatment

Marital and partnership conflicts (crises, separations)

Acute life crisis

Sexual topics

Conflicts in professional life or circle of friends

Self-esteem issues

Stress and exhaustion states


Relaxation techniques (Autogenic Training,)

Why a Treatment at Your Home Makes Sense:



Maybe you're afraid to visit a psychological practice. You don't want acquaintances to see you and have to explain yourself. It's a shame, but emotional problems and the courage to seek help or advice from a professional are often still taboo topics.

Limited Mobility


It may be that you have difficulty leaving the house. Maybe you're older or recovering from an accident or illness. In these cases, it can be very difficult or even impossible to attend appointments outside the house.

Family Reasons


Perhaps you have children whom you are raising alone. It can take a lot of organization and cost to find someone to look after your children while you have appointments. The same applies if you are caring for a family member at home. In these cases, treatment at home can be a good solution.

What Does a Treatment at Your Home Bring?

  • Therapy in your own home helps you to understand yourself better. You can identify inner obstacles that prevent you from reaching your goals.

  • We work together on your personal values, as they make up a significant part of your personality.

  • By retreating from the daily hustle and bustle, you can break up entrenched thought patterns and develop new perspectives and solutions.

  • Once this basis is created, we go through your everyday life together and reorganize.

  • We look at both specific situations in your life as well as general topics.

  • Your familiar environment contributes to your well-being - feelings of stress, irritability, or bad mood can dissolve.

  • You gain new courage and fresh energy to implement your resolutions in your (work) everyday life.

  • During the therapy time, you have the opportunity to regularly contact me, the therapist, by email and phone. This offers additional support for you.

  • A therapy session at home usually lasts 60 minutes. If you need more time, we can also arrange 90-minute appointments. Please note that there may be additional costs for longer sessions.


Book a Session For Home Treatment

Make peace with your past, you can change the future with what you do today.

Make peace with your past, you can change the future with what you do today.

The many techniques you use to tackle problems are brilliant and have given me a different perspective on problems.

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