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Home Treatment

Home Treatment at Your Home

In the case of psychological counseling or "home treatment", I use the positive effect of your well-being at home in my counseling.

Does the following sound familiar to you:

You're not the sort of person who finds it easier to distance yourself from your problems in a neutral environment. Again and again you have the feeling that you seem to be stuck in your life. That's why you've tried to get rid of this feeling several times, you've gotten advice from friends or family and still you just can't find a solution to your problem. At the thought of a conversation in a cramped practice room, you feel uncomfortable and have therefore successfully avoided professional support. I think a home treatment appointment at your home would be just the thing for you. You should know that I am aware that there are many understandable reasons for a consultation in your home.

Home Treatment at Your Home by Nera Therapy

If your home provides the practice premises

More About Home Treatment

My work can be the first step from the outside to clarify your problems, to make clear the connections between the individual problems and unconscious entanglements with your own overall system is an important task of my advice.

Here's some more information for you: My vehicle is free of advertising and the preliminary talk is discreet on the phone. Unwanted attention from friends, neighbors or relatives is avoided. This takes the pressure off you of having to justify yourself and at the same time helps you to get involved in the psychological counseling.

More About Home Treatment

Which Topics Can We Look at in The Home Treatment?

Marital and partnership conflicts (crises, separations)

Acute crises

Sexual issues

Conflicts in professional life or among friends

Self-esteem issues

States of stress and exhaustion


Relaxation techniques (autogenic training)

Why a Treatment at Your Home Makes Sense:


You shy away from visiting a psychological practice because you are afraid of being seen by acquaintances and having trouble explaining yourself. Mental problems and the courage to get help or advice from a specialist are unfortunately still a taboo subject in our society.

Limited mobility

With increasing age, after an accident or after an illness, it is often very difficult or even impossible to keep appointments away from home.

Family reasons

Maybe you are a single parent and it usually means a relatively large organizational and financial effort to ensure the care of your children while you have appointments away from home. The same applies to you if you look after a family member who needs care at home.

What Does a Home Treatment Do for You?

  • It will be easier for you to reflect on yourself - You will gain access to inner blocks that stand in the way of your goals.

  • We do values ​​work, because values ​​carry your personality.

  • You gain distance from everyday life - deadlocked thinking flows - it is easier to develop new perspectives and solutions.

  • Once the basis has been created, we go through your everyday life step by step and sort things out again.

  • We look at concrete situations in your life as well as at fundamental issues.

  • Your usual environment leads to well-being - feelings of stress, irritability or bad mood dissolve.

  • You get new courage and fresh energy to put your resolutions into practice in your (work) everyday life.

  • During the consultation period, you have the opportunity to be in regular contact with me by email and telephone

  • A home treatment appointment typically lasts 60 minutes. If you want to take more time, we can also arrange 90-minute appointments.


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