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Learning Coach for All Ages

Your Learning Coach

Whether you are a child, young person, parent, student, trainee, adult in further education, teacher with students, you all have something in common here, do you want to know what? I'll tell you: everyone here wants to experience success in learning.

Now, before we can start developing suitable learning strategies together, I have one more question:

Are you familiar with that? The eternal quarrels about learning with your fellow human beings or with your child and the resulting feeling of insecurity.

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It is small changes in everyday life that have a positive influence on school development, relieve and motivate us again.

For Teenagers and Adults

  • You just can't concentrate on a task and need hours to get it done?

  • Do you lack organization, strategy and planning when studying?

  • Did you practice at home, but at the exam the knowledge was blown away?

  • Are you afraid of exams and do you or your child complain about stomachaches or headaches?

  • If you feel underwhelmed or overwhelmed at school, vocational training or university, you cannot show what you are capable of.

  • Do you not feel understood or taken seriously by the teacher?

For Parents and Children

Have you also experienced the feeling of frustration when, despite your efforts, you are unsuccessful and problems at school appear? Learning with your child is only perceived as tedious and demotivating and the pressure from school is increasing. A downward spiral ensues, from which it often seems impossible to break out.

  • Your child needs an above-average amount of time for assignments and rarely finishes classwork.

  • Your child spends a lot of time learning without getting the desired results.

  • Your child masters the material at home or in class, but often fails in tests.

  • Your child has concentration problems and when learning, the head "smokes" quickly.

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Don't be afraid of the choices you make, because no matter what you choose, the path to your goal remains the same. Only your perception of the distance to get there changes. Nera Capatt

More About Learning Coach

My learning coaching is about initiating the school learning processes and showing the right learning techniques and learning strategies. This can affect areas such as planning, work organization, motivation, independence, test anxiety or brain-friendly learning. Together we take a close look at your situation and bring back the feeling of positive understanding of this topic by developing suitable solutions and defining goals that feel liberating and right for you (e.g. how to deal with stress or exam anxiety, how do you manage to find your way into work and stick with it). You will learn and work with learning training that is specially tailored to you and with a variety of learning strategies.

My goal is to lead young and old to a sense of achievement when learning. To explore ways with parents and teachers how they can accompany the children and young people in their learning in order to (re)discover the joy of learning.


It often has a very relieving and clarifying effect when you can talk to someone who is not involved about your condition. It is small changes in everyday life that have a positive influence on school development, relieve and motivate us again.

What Do We Look at in Learning Coaching:

  • First we examine your experiences with the subject of learning and work out a (new) attitude. In this way you learn to conjure up more motivation and joy in learning from "zero buck" and tame your inner learning blocks step by step.

  • We do value work, because values ​​carry your inner learning attitude. Your values ​​and your personality.

  • Once the basis has been created, we go step by step through your everyday learning and sort it again. You will discover what is already in you and thereby strengthen your self-esteem.

  • We also look at concrete situations that have already arisen while learning, as well as at fundamental topics. You will learn to enjoy your free time more without a guilty conscience through efficient time management and effective learning organization.

  • Again and again we will reflect together on how your learning methods develop, grow and how they withstand everyday challenges. You say goodbye, once and for all, to the fear that triggers the feeling of being totally overwhelmed, exam anxiety and learning blocks.

  • During the consultation period, you have the opportunity to contact me regularly by e-mail and telephone

Are you interested in learning coaching:

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