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Learning Coach for All Ages

Your Personal Learning Coach

Regardless of whether you are a child, teenager, parent, student, trainee, adult in further education or a teacher with students, you have something in common with everyone here. Do you want to know what it is? Let me reveal it to you: everyone here wants to experience success in learning.


Before we can start developing appropriate learning strategies together, I have one more question:


Does this situation sound familiar to you? Constant arguments about the topic of learning with your fellow humans or with your child, followed by a feeling of insecurity.

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It's the small changes in everyday life that positively influence academic development, relieve us, and motivate us again.

For Teenagers and Adults

  • Do you struggle with focusing on a task and take a long time to complete it?

  • Are you lacking organization, strategy, and planning when it comes to studying?

  • Have you diligently practiced at home, but during the exam, your knowledge seems to have disappeared?

  • Do you or your child suffer from anxiety before exams, accompanied by stomach aches or headaches?

  • Do you feel under or overwhelmed in school, vocational training, or university and can't show what you're capable of?

  • Do you feel misunderstood or not taken seriously by your teacher?

For Parents and Children

Have you also experienced the frustration of not achieving success despite all efforts and encountering academic problems? Studying with your child increasingly feels exhausting and demotivating, and the pressure from school continues to grow. A downward spiral emerges, which often seems hard to break out of.

  • Does your child take an unusually long time to complete tasks and rarely manages to finish classwork?

  • Does your child spend a lot of time studying, but it doesn't lead to the desired success?

  • Does your child master the material at home or during class, but often fail in written exams?

  • Does your child suffer from concentration problems and quickly find studying to be a mental strain?

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Don't be afraid of the decisions you make, because no matter what choice you make, the path to your goal remains the same. What can change is only your perception of the distance to be covered. - Nera Capatt

More about Learning Coaching

My learning coaching aims to initiate academic learning processes and demonstrate appropriate learning techniques and strategies. This can include areas such as planning, work organization, motivation, independence, exam anxiety, or brain-friendly learning. Together, we take a close look at your situation and restore a positive understanding of this topic by developing suitable solutions and defining goals that feel liberating and right for you. Examples include how to deal with stress or exam anxiety, or how to successfully start and stick with work. You will learn and work with a learning training program tailored specifically to you and with diverse learning strategies.

My goal is to help both young and old achieve learning successes and explore ways with parents and teachers on how they can support children and adolescents in learning, to rediscover the joy of learning.


It can often be very relieving and clarifying to talk about one's state of mind with a neutral person. It's the small changes in everyday life that can positively influence academic development, relieve us, and motivate us again.

What we look at in learning coaching:

  • First, we analyze your experiences with learning and develop a (new) attitude towards it. In this way, you will learn to transform a lack of motivation ("I don't feel like it") back into more enthusiasm and joy for learning, gradually overcoming your inner learning blockades.

  • We focus on working with values, as these shape your inner attitude towards learning. Your values and your personality are important in this context.

  • Once the foundation is laid, we go step by step through your daily learning routine and reorganize. In doing so, you will discover the skills that already lie within you, thereby strengthening your self-esteem.

  • We look at specific situations that have already arisen during learning as well as general topics. Through efficient time management and effective learning organization, you will learn to enjoy your free time again without feeling guilty.

  • Again and again, we will reflect together on how your learning methods are developing, growing, and withstanding everyday challenges. In the process, you will say goodbye once and for all to the fear that triggers feelings of total overwhelm, exam anxiety, and learning blockades.

  • During the consultation period, you will have the opportunity to maintain regular contact with me via email and telephone.

Are you interested in learning coaching?


Don't hesitate and sign up today. Together, we can address your concerns and thereby optimize the quality of your learning.


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