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Let’s Get Peaceful

Book a session with Nera

If my offer appeals to you and you want to know more about it, then I cordially invite you to my free introductory meeting. In this conversation you will get a completely new perspective and clarity about your current situation. Together we will find out what the next steps on your way can be and we will clarify how I can support you on this path of change.

Mental Business Support

My customers learn to rethink and remember that people who feel comfortable, happy and satisfied always pull together with the company and work much more productively.

Eltern und Familienberatung .jpg
Parent and Family Therapy

Due to the many negatively stored situations in our family life, we have forgotten that conflicts or crises are always opportunities for change.

Deutsch Bewegliche Buchstaben Lena.jpg
Learning Therapy for LRS (reading and spelling difficulties)

Due to our hectic everyday life, we often forget that the German language is sometimes difficult, even for us adults, and do not think about how our children fare. Every child has their own distinct developmental path.
It's the same with the LRS, everyone expresses themselves differently. Some even develop a general fear of school or strange behavior.

Gesprächstherapie nach Invaluation Foto 3.jpg
Talk Therapy with inValuation

Remember, each of us has been in a situation where a life event or a life crisis changed the existing life situation and influenced it negatively, which led to stress and restrictions in our everyday life. Everything in our life rarely goes according to plan.

Walk & Talk Therapie 4.jpg
Walk & Talk – Conversations while Walking

By moving in the fresh air, we become more creative and we get the opportunity to look at the topics that concern us from a different, freer perspective and to rearrange our own thoughts.

Online Meeting
Psychological Online Counseling - location-independent discussions

I want you to know that I am aware that it is not easy to open up to a stranger, to share your problems and fears and to accept help from others. The online consultation will make it easier for you to reflect on yourself - you will gain access to inner blockages that stand in the way of your goals.

Young Couple at Home
Home treatment at Your Home

You should know that I am aware that there are many understandable reasons for a consultation in your home. The counseling will enable you to distance yourself from the deadlock of everyday life. Your thinking starts to flow, new perspectives and solutions develop more easily and you learn to deal with your fears and blockages.

Couples Therapy

In relationships things go uphill and downhill and we often forget that conflicts or crises are always an opportunity for change. In couple counseling you will learn together to rearrange the negative experiences in your relationship and to find the lost view of the essentials in your relationship.

Bach Flower Therapy

With my method I can capture your current state of mind or your state of mind from a long time ago and through regular use of my essences I can help you to restore your natural state of mind. You have to know, through our hectic everyday life, we have forgotten that our subconscious shows the causes of illnesses inside us and wants to help us restore our balance.

Aromatherapie 2.jpg

In aromatherapy, essential oils are used as remedies that activate the self-healing powers of body, mind and soul and prevent illnesses. A major advantage of aromatherapy, often also called aromatherapy or phytotherapy, is that it promotes both physical and mental health.

Deutsch Material Gramatik Levin.jpg
Tutoring in German 1st - 5th grade

Language is the key to the world. It is part of our life. Every child has their own distinct developmental path. Unfortunately, we often forget the course of development due to our hectic everyday life. If you now take a moment to think, you will notice that the German language is sometimes difficult, even for us adults. How do you think our children fare when they learn spelling rules, cases and conjugations for the first time?

Mathematik Material Würfel und Stangen Levin.jpg
Tutoring in mathematics 1st - 4th grade

For many students, math is literally a closed book. How many times have you heard this sentence from your son or daughter? “I will never understand math!” I believe that it is usually not a lack of understanding, but rather a lack of a suitable learning strategy. Mathematics plays an extremely important role for every child during their school years. It is a key tool when it comes to finding your way around in everyday life.

Lerncoaching 2.jpg
Learning Coaching and Learning Techniques for All Age Groups

My learning coaching is about initiating the school learning processes and showing the right learning techniques and learning strategies. Together we take a close look at your situation and bring back the feeling of positive understanding of this topic by developing suitable solutions and defining goals that feel liberating and right for you.