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Let's find peace

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If my offering resonates with you and you would like to learn more about it, I invite you to a free introductory conversation. In this conversation, you will gain a completely new perspective and clarity about your current situation. Together, we will determine what the next steps on your journey can be, and we will discuss how I can support you on this path of change.

Nera Therapy Mental Business Support
Mental Solutions Strategies for Your Business

My clients learn to shift their mindset and recognize that when people feel comfortable, happy, and satisfied, they align themselves with the company's goals and work much more productively.

Nera Therapy Parent and Family Therapy
Parent and Family Counseling

Due to the many negatively stored situations in our family life, we have forgotten that conflicts or crises also present opportunities for change.

Nera Therapy Learning Therapy for LRS (for reading and spelling difficulties)
Learning Therapy for Dyslexia (Reading and Writing Difficulties)

In our busy everyday lives, we often forget that the German language can be challenging even for us adults and fail to consider how our children might be struggling with it.

Nera Therapy Talk Therapy with inValuation
Invaluation® Talk Therapy

Keep in mind that each of us has been in a situation where a life event or crisis has changed and negatively affected our current life situation, leading to stress and limitations in our daily lives.

Nera Therapy Walk & Talk – Conversations while Walking
Walk and Talk - Conversations while Walking

Through movement in the fresh air, we become more creative and have the opportunity to consider the topics that occupy us from a different, more liberated perspective, and to reorganize our own thoughts.

Nera Therapy Psychological Online Counseling - location-independent discussions
Psychological Online Counseling - Location-Independent Conversations

Online counseling facilitates self-reflection, allowing you to access internal blockages that may be hindering your goals. It provides you the convenience of engaging in therapeutic conversations from anywhere.

Nera Therapy Home treatment at Your Home
Home Treatment at Your Home

You should know that I am aware that there are many understandable reasons for seeking counseling in the comfort of your own home. Counseling allows you to break free from the dead-end of everyday life and find new perspectives.

Nera Therapy Couples Therapy
Couples Counseling

In a relationship, there can be highs and lows. In couples counseling, you both learn to reframe the negative experiences in your relationship and regain the lost focus on what is essential in your relationship.

Nera Therapy Bach Flower Therapy
Bach Flower Therapy

Through the use of essences, I can help you regain your natural state of mind. It is important to understand that in our busy daily lives, we have forgotten that our subconscious reveals the causes of illnesses within us and wants to help us restore our balance.

Aromatherapy from Nera Therapy

In aromatherapy, essential oils are used as remedies that activate the self-healing powers of the body, mind, and soul, and prevent illnesses. It promotes both physical and mental health.

Nera Therapy Tutoring in German 1st - 5th grade
Tutoring in German for Grades 1-5

(Higher grades and courses available upon request) If you take a moment to think about it, you will realize that the German language can be challenging even for us adults. Now imagine how our children feel when they first encounter spelling rules, cases, and conjugations.

Nera Therapy Tutoring in mathematics 1st - 4th grade
Tutoring in Mathematics for Grades 1-4

For many students, mathematics is like a book with seven seals. Mathematics plays an extremely important role for every child during their school years. It is a valuable tool for navigating daily life.

Nera Therapy Learning Coaching and Learning Techniques for All Age Groups
Learning Coaching and Study Techniques for All Age Groups

Together, we will closely examine your situation and restore the feeling of positive understanding for this subject by developing appropriate solutions and defining goals that feel liberating and right for you.

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