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Online Coaching with Nera Capatt

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Learning Coach for All Ages

Whether you are a child, young person, parent, student, apprentice, adult in further education, teacher with students, you all have something in common here, do you want to know what?

I'll tell you: everyone here wants to experience success in learning.

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Learn German

It is important to keep this in mind.

In principle, every child has a strong will to learn.

It has the ability to acquire a language, but the different courses, time shifts and different focal points of interest of each child should always be taken into account.

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Learn Mathematics

Mathematics plays an extremely important role for every child during their school years. It is a key tool when it comes to finding your way around in everyday life.

It is important for all mathematical learning areas to use materials that convey the learning content, illustrate it and, above all, are tangible for the children.

Above all, the students should be able to understand numbers, quantities and arithmetic operations visually and practically.