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Professional Services by Nera Therapy


Business Services

My aim is to help you understand that psychological well-being and performance in the workplace are related. After all, mental health is at least as important for entrepreneurial success as marketing, sales or technological know-how.

Mental Business Support

Every day I support companies in creating a healthy and successful working environment. Together with my clients and your team, I reflect on what happens at work, create an atmosphere in which it is possible to talk about stressful work situations, to rethink and discuss them.


In doing so, it is discussed in concrete terms, for example, what is currently causing problems or can be improved.


The cornerstone of this conversation and mentoring includes the following important points:


  • leadership communication,

  • teamwork,

  • the right field of work,

  • the resolution of conflicts.

Parent and Family Therapy

We often forget that conflicts or crises are always opportunities for change in our family life. Apply for parent and family therapy to live in peace.

Tutoring in German 1st - 5th grade

Language is part of our lives. Every child has its own developmental trajectory. It's the same with the LRS everyone expresses themselves differently.

Reading and Speaking Therapy

Every child has the ability to acquire a language, taking into account the different courses, temporal shifts and different areas of interest. 

Enjoy Mathematics

It is important to use materials that convey the learning content, illustrate it and, above all, are tangible for the children. This enables them to understand  numbers, quantities and arithmetic operations visually and practically.


Families and Parents

Every day I support and strengthen families to find their own way to implement the jointly developed individual solutions and to develop competencies as parents and couple to bring more ease and joy into the family.


Individuals, Couples & Smaller Groups

Every day I support and strengthen individuals, groups  and  couples, summarizing what is difficult for you to express in simple words and helping you to gain a new understanding of each other,  to implement the individually solutions developed together and   to strengthen your  competences to  gain  more ease and joy in your lives  

Online Counseling

You should know that I am aware that it is not easy to open up to a stranger, to communicate his problems, fears and to accept help from others.  My online consultation is a simple and secure way to be supported in different situations and difficult decision-making questions.

Couples Therapy

Well I can assure you, after you have read this, that you may exhale briefly, because this happens in every partnership. In relationships it goes sometimes uphill and sometimes downhill and I can assure you, after you have read this, that you may exhale briefly,.

Talk Therapy According to Invaluation®

Rarely does everything go according to plan in our lives. Nevertheless, I have good news for  you, you may breathe a short time, because you are not alone. In my inValuation therapy® it is possible for me to change your thinking and behavior within a very short time.

See what our customers say

You made me realise things that would have taken me so so much more time and pain to realise by myself. 



Services on Demand

Every human being is perfect and imperfectly perfect in his own way.  In the same way, everyone needs help individually in their own way. Some often find it  easier to talk openly about problems while walking or at home. 

Walk and Talk Therapy

You have the feeling that you seem to be stuck in your life. Several times you have tried to get rid of this feeling, have sought advice from friends or family and yet you just do not come up with the solution of your request. At "Walk and Talk", I use the positive effect of walking and nature in my consultation. You will have the opportunity to look at the topics that  concern you from a different, freer perspective.

Home Treatment

You are not one of those people who finds it easier to distance yourself from your  problems  in a neutral environment. Again and again you  have the feeling that you seem to be stuck in your life. At "Home Treatment", I use the positive effect of your well-being at home in my consultation.  It will be easier for you to reflect on yourself – you will gain access to inner blockages that stand in the way of your goals


In aromatherapy, essential oils are used as remedies that enable you to activate your self-healing powers of body, mind and soul and prevent diseases.


It is a holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote health and well-being.

Bach Flower Therapy

Through my Bach flower therapy, it is possible for me to grasp your current or distant childhood state of mind and help you to restore your natural state of mind through regular use of my essences.


It is a wonderful and very gentle healing method with a natural, holistic effect.

With more than 38 bach flowers, I can decide which one best for your situation.

Bachblütentherapie 3.jpg

Alternative Healing Methods

In "Bach flower therapy", the bound energy of flowers dissolves a regulating effect on mental states of humans. This psychological effect can often also improve physical symptoms where as "aromatherapy" is part of herbal medicine



In the conversation course strengthen your self-confidence with regard to the German language. By speaking, writing and discussing a wide variety of topics, we improve language abilities. My learning coaching is about  initiating the different learning processes and  showing the appropriate learning techniques and learning strategies. 

Conversation Course in German

There are several reasons why a conversation on German doesn't work out the way you'd like.  Together we take your first steps and strengthen your self-confidence with regard to the German language.


One of the most important tasks of my companion is to make clear to you the connections between your individual problems in learning the foreign language and your unconscious entanglements and fears.

Learning Coach

In my learning coaching we take a close  look at your situation and your needs, and restore the feeling of positive understanding for this topic by developing suitable solutions and  defining goals that feel liberating and right for you. (e.g. How to deal with stress or exam anxiety, How do you manage to get started at work and stay tuned). You learn and work with a specially tailored learning training and diverse learning strategies.

Excited outcomes of these services

Increasing mental well-being and performance in the workplace

Positive reassessment of experiences within a very short time

Restoration of emotional state and balance.

Experience success in learning.

Solution of the inner blockages and support back into active life

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