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Business Services

My goal is to help you understand that mental well-being and performance at the workplace are closely linked. Mental health is just as important for entrepreneurial success as marketing, sales knowledge, or technological know-how.

Mental Solution Strategy for Your Company

Every day, I support companies in creating a healthy and successful work environment. Together with my clients and their team, I reflect on what is happening at work, creating an atmosphere where it is possible to speak about challenging work situations, reconsider them, and discuss them.


This explicitly addresses what is currently causing problems or can be improved. The cornerstones of these discussions and support include the following important points:


  • Leadership communication

  • Teamwork

  • Proper work areas

  • Conflict resolution

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Parent and Family Counseling

We often forget that conflicts or crises are also opportunities for changes in our family life.

Tutoring in German for Grades 1-5

Every child has the ability to acquire a language, and we should always consider the different progressions, time variations, and varying areas of interest.

Learning Therapy for Dyslexia (LRS)

Language is an integral part of our lives. Every child has their own distinct developmental trajectory, and the same applies to dyslexia, where the manifestations vary from one child to another.

Tutoring in mathematics for grades 1-4

It is important to use materials that convey, illustrate, and, above all, are tangible for the children in order to comprehend numbers, quantities, and arithmetic operations visually and practically.


Familien und Eltern

Every day, I support and empower families to find their own path and implement the individually developed solutions together, while strengthening their skills as parents and as a couple. The aim is to bring more ease and joy into the family.


Individuals, Couples & Smaller Groups

Every day, I support and empower individuals, groups, and couples. I summarize what is difficult for you to express in simple words and help you gain a new understanding of each other. Together, we implement individually developed solutions and strengthen your competencies to bring more ease and joy into your lives.

Online Counseling

I want you to know that I am aware that it is not easy to open up to a stranger, to share your problems and fears, and to accept help from someone unknown. My online counseling offers a simple and secure way to seek support in various situations and difficult decision-making questions.

Couples Therapy

In relationships, there are ups and downs, and I assure you that this is completely normal. You can take a moment to breathe, as it happens in every partnership. We often forget that conflicts or crises also present an opportunity for change.

Talk Therapy According to Invaluation®

As we all know, life rarely goes according to plan. Nevertheless, I have good news for you: You can take a moment to breathe because you are not alone. With inValuation therapy®, I am able to change your thinking and behavior in a short time with your assistance.

See what our customers say

You made me realise things that would have taken me so so much more time and pain to realise by myself. 



Services on Demand

Every person is uniquely and imperfectly perfect in their own way. Similarly, everyone requires help tailored to their individual needs. Some find it easier to talk about their problems while walking, while others find it easier to reorganize their thoughts at home.

Walk and Talk - Conversations while Walking

You have the feeling that you're stuck in your life. You have tried multiple times to shake off this feeling, sought advice from friends or family, but you simply can't find a solution to your concern. With "Walk and Talk," I utilize the positive effect of walking and nature in my counseling. You have the opportunity to view the topics that occupy your mind from a different, liberated perspective.

Home Treatment at Your Home

You're not one of those people who find it easier to gain distance from their problems in a neutral environment. Again and again, you have the feeling that you're stuck in your life. With "Home Treatment," I leverage the positive effect of your well-being at home in my counseling. It will be easier for you to reflect on yourself. You gain access to inner blockages that stand in the way of your goals.


In aromatherapy, essential oils are used as remedies to activate your body, mind, and soul's self-healing powers and prevent diseases.


It is a holistic healing treatment that utilizes natural plant extracts to promote health and well-being.

Bach Flower Therapy

Through my Bach flower therapy, I am able to grasp your current or even childhood soul state and help restore your natural soul state through regular application of my essence.


It is a wonderful and very gentle healing method with a natural, holistic effect.

Bachblütentherapie 3.jpg

Alternative Healing Methods

In Bach flower therapy, the bound energy of flowers has a regulatory effect on the psychological states of humans. Through this psychological effect, physical symptoms can often be improved as well. Aromatherapy is part of herbal medicine.



In the conversation course, we strengthen your self-confidence regarding the German language. Through speaking, writing, and discussing various topics, we improve your vocabulary, your ability to express yourself and fill in any gaps.


In my learning coaching, the focus is on initiating various learning processes.

German Conversation Course

There are various reasons why a conversation in German may not go as smoothly as one would like. Together, we will take your first steps and strengthen your confidence in the German language.


One of the most important tasks of my guidance is to help you understand the connections between your individual language learning difficulties and your unconscious entanglements and fears.

Learning Coaching/Learnskills

In my learning coaching, we examine your situation and needs closely and restore a sense of positive understanding for this subject by developing suitable solutions and defining goals that feel liberating and right for you. (For example, how to deal with stress or exam anxiety, how to find a way to start working and stay focused). You will learn and work with a learning training and diverse learning strategies specifically tailored to you.

Excited outcomes of these services

Increasing mental well-being and performance in the workplace

Positive reassessment of experiences within a very short time

Restoration of emotional state and balance.

Experience success in learning.

Solution of the inner blockages and support back into active life

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