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Couples Therapy

Happier Ends With Couples Therapy 

Does the following sound familiar to you:

Every day new disagreements arise in your or your relationship and almost every day ends in a fight. You often talk past each other and are currently no longer able to communicate with each other in such a way that you really understand each other.

Sometimes you or your partner even prefer to remain silent to avoid hurting each other even more. Due to the disappointments you experience every day, you have the feeling that you have grown apart and are no longer sure about how to proceed and you keep questioning your relationship and feeling that it is out of balance.

Couples Therapy by Nera Therapy

Welcome the opportunities come after conflicts, ups and downs in relationships.

Clarifying Your Problems

Even if you analyze your situation several times, you cannot name the cause. Because you actually want to approach each other and just don't know how to do it anymore. Well, I can assure you, after reading this, that you can breathe out for a moment, because that happens in every partnership. In relationships things go uphill and downhill and we often forget that conflicts or crises are always an opportunity for change.

My work can be the first step from the outside to clarify your problems, to make clear the connections between the individual problems and unconscious entanglements with the overall relationship system is an important task of my counseling.

Making Use of Opportunities

Every day I support and strengthen couples in reorganizing their negatively stored experiences in their relationship and finding the lost view of the essentials of their relationship again.


I summarize what is difficult for you to express in simple words and help you to gain a new understanding for each other, to implement the individually developed solutions and to strengthen your skills as a couple in order to achieve more ease and joy in your relationship.

Helping each other to a new understanding develops individual solutions and your skills as a couple

Helping each other to a new understanding develops individual solutions and your skills as a couple

What Topics Can We Look at in Couples Therapy?

  • Communication problems

  • A lack of balance between closeness and distance in the relationship

  • Lack of trust

  • Recurring quarrels

  • Lack of respect and recognition

  • Alienation, boredom, routine in the relationship

  • Infidelity

  • Thoughts of separation and divorce

  • Compatibility of parenthood and partnership

  • Sexual problems

  • Dealing with mental illness

  • Dealing with chronic diseases

  • Coping with critical life events together

What Topics Can We Look at in Couples Therapy?

What Does Couples Therapy Do for You?

  • First we reflect on your relationship and clarify things that are currently wrong between you. You will learn to understand and actively shape your communication patterns.

  • We do value work, because values ​​support your relationship. Your values ​​and your personality.

  • We will look at your relationship dynamics and you will learn to understand what makes life together so difficult for you right now.

  • Once the basis has been created, we go through your everyday life step by step and sort things out.

  • We look at specific situations in your relationship as well as at fundamental issues. You will learn to explore and understand your reaction and action patterns or even ingrained conflict patterns, so that you can better understand yourself and your counterpart and communicate respectfully.

  • Again and again we will reflect together on how your relationship can develop and grow in your everyday life and how it can overcome everyday challenges.

  • We will also look at whether you have developed sexual frustration on either side. You will learn how it is possible to rediscover your love and re-experience your sexuality by reconnecting.

  • During the consultation period, you have the opportunity to contact me regularly by e-mail and telephone.

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