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Couples Counseling

Find a happy ending with couples therapy

Every day, new differences of opinion arise in your relationship, and almost every day ends with an argument. You often talk past each other and are currently struggling to communicate in a way that truly allows you to understand each other.


Sometimes you or your partner prefer to remain silent to avoid hurting each other even more. Due to the daily disappointments, you feel like you have drifted apart and are unsure about the future of your relationship. You constantly question your relationship and sense that it has become imbalanced.

Couples Therapy by Nera Therapy

Remember that conflicts or crises are always an opportunity for change.

Clarifying Your Problems

Even after analyzing your situation multiple times, you cannot pinpoint the cause. Yet, I can assure you that after reading this, you can take a deep breath because this happens in every partnership. Relationships have their ups and downs, and we often forget that conflicts or crises also present opportunities for change.


My work can be the first step from the outside to clarify your problems. It is an important task of my counseling to highlight the connections between individual issues and unconscious entanglements within the overall relationship system.

Making Use of Opportunities

Seize the opportunities available. Every day, I support and empower couples to reframe their negatively stored experiences within their relationship and rediscover the essential aspects of their bond.


I will put into simple words what may be difficult for you to express and help you gain a new understanding of each other. Together, we will develop individual solutions and strengthen your skills as a couple to bring more ease and joy into your relationship.

Helping each other to a new understanding develops individual solutions and your skills as a couple

To help each other gain a new understanding, develop individual solutions, and enhance your skills as a couple.

What topics can we address in couples counseling?

  • Communication problems

  • Lack of balance between closeness and distance in the relationship

  • Lack of trust

  • Recurring arguments

  • Lack of respect and recognition

  • Alienation, boredom, routine in the relationship Infidelity

  • Thoughts of separation and divorce

  • Balancing parenthood and partnership

  • Sexual issues

  • Dealing with mental illnesses

  • Dealing with chronic illnesses

  • Coping with critical life events

These are just some examples, and each couples counseling process can be individually tailored to the needs and challenges of the couple.

What Topics Can We Look at in Couples Therapy?

Why is couples counseling beneficial for you:

Let's take the time to reflect on your relationship and address any issues that may be causing problems between you. You will learn to understand and actively shape your communication patterns.

We place great importance on working with your individual values, as they form the foundation of your relationship. We will also examine the dynamics of your partnership and help you understand what is making your life together challenging at the moment.


Once a solid foundation is established, we will gradually navigate through your daily life and create a new sense of order.


We will explore specific situations in your relationship as well as fundamental topics. This will enable you to explore and understand your reactions, behaviors, and potential conflict patterns, allowing for better self-awareness and more respectful communication with your partner.

Are you interested in couples counseling? Sign up today so we can start addressing your concerns and improve the quality of your relationship.


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