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Talk Therapy According to Invaluation®

Talk Therapy According to Invaluation®

Does that sound familiar to you too?

Your life situation changes from one moment to the next. You feel anxious, exhausted, stressed, misunderstood and doubting yourself. The demands on yourself, your family and your environment are increasing immeasurably and you can no longer live up to these expectations and it seems hopeless to break out of this hamster wheel.

Believe me, I know how it feels when the mind keeps spinning and you just can't find the stop button.

Nevertheless, I have good news for you, you can breathe out briefly, you are not alone. Rarely does everything in our life go according to plan. Remember, each of us has been in a situation where a life event or a life crisis changed the existing life situation and influenced it negatively, which led to stress and restrictions in our everyday life.

Talk Therapy According to Invaluation® by Nera Therapy

All you need for your change is yourself and your will to do so.

More About Talk Therapy

My work can be the first step from the outside to clarify your situation, to recognize past and current experiences, events or blockages, to re-evaluate them and to free you from your negative thought patterns is an important task of my therapy.

In my inValuationstherapie®, which is not psychotherapy but a conversation at eye level and was founded by Gabriel Palacios, it is possible for me to change your ways of thinking and behaving within a very short time with your help and your negative view of your experience with a positive thought or To connect feeling in order to bring about a healing effect.

Every day I support individuals, families or couples in difficult life situations and accompany you in our discussions to develop your own individual solutions, to implement them in order to find your own way to meet your everyday life with a new quality of life, inner freedom and more serenity.

Which  topics can we look at in talk therapy according to inValuation®?

  • Feelings of hopelessness, hopelessness, lack of drive

  • Fear of challenges, of everyday life, of life in general

  • Excessive demands, pressure to perform at work (»burnout«)

  • Unhappiness in the relationship

  • Loneliness, reluctance to socialize

  • Problems adjusting to the (new) role as father or mother

  • Addictive behavior

  • Constant arguments with family, colleagues, neighbors or friends

  • Problems with the "patchwork" as a family model

  • Dissatisfaction with one's own body

  • Permanent worries, fear of the future

  • Fear of failure as a man/as a woman

  • Grief, farewell, separation

  • Loss through the death of loved ones

Course of a session

The trusting conversation consists of the following process steps:

  • Preliminary discussion and explanation of your concerns, goals and expectations

  • Analysis of negative thought patterns

  • Recognizing the positive, true value of the situation

  • Develop common goals

  • Formulate concrete action steps

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