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Talk Therapy According to Invaluation®

Talk Therapy According to Invaluation®

From one moment to another, your life situation changes. You feel anxious, exhausted, stressed, misunderstood, and you start doubting yourself. The demands from yourself, your family, and your environment become overwhelming, and you feel trapped in a never-ending cycle.


Believe me, I know what it feels like when the thoughts keep spinning in your head and you can't find the stop button. However, I have good news for you: you can take a moment to breathe because you are not alone. Rarely does everything go according to plan in our lives. Remember that each one of us has been in a situation where a life event or crisis has altered our existing circumstances and negatively impacted our daily lives.

Talk Therapy According to Invaluation® by Nera Therapy

Everything you need for your transformation is yourself and your will to do so.

Clarification of your problems

My work can be the first step from an external perspective to clarify your situation. Recognizing past and current experiences, events, or blockages, reevaluating them, and freeing yourself from negative thought patterns are important tasks in my therapy.


In my inValuation therapy®, which is not psychotherapy but rather a conversation on an equal level, founded by Gabriel Palacios, I can, with your assistance, change your thinking and behavior patterns in a short amount of time and connect your negative perception of an experience with a positive thought or feeling to bring about a healing effect.

Every day, I support individuals, families, or couples in difficult life situations and accompany them in our conversations to develop and implement their own individual solutions, helping them find their own path and face their daily lives with the new quality of life, inner freedom, and greater serenity.

Which topics can we address in the inValuation® talk therapy?

  • Feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, and lack of motivation

  • Fear of challenges, everyday life, and life in general

  • Overwhelm and work-related pressure (burnout)

  • Unhappiness in relationships

  • Loneliness and social withdrawal

  • Difficulties adjusting to the (new) role as a father or mother

  • Addictive behavior

  • Constant conflicts with family, colleagues, neighbors, or friends

  • Issues with the "patchwork" family model

  • Dissatisfaction with one's own body

  • Constant worries and fear of the future

  • Fear of failure as a man/woman Grief, farewell, and separation

  • Loss through the death of loved ones

Session process

The trusting conversation consists of the following process steps:


  • Preliminary discussion and explanation of your concerns, goals, and expectations

  • Analysis of negative thought patterns

  • Recognition of the positive, true value of the situation

  • Jointly developing goals

  • Formulating concrete action steps

Are you interested in inValuation® talk therapy? Sign up today so we can address your concerns and improve your quality of life.


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