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Nera Therapy

A Peaceful Life Is Within Reach

Online Coaching with Nera Capatt


Let’s Get Peace

Bach Flower Therapy

Leading therapy by the blessing of the nature. Unlock the potential of a great peace in life.


Who Can I Help?


With your help, it is possible for me to change your way of thinking and behaving within a very short time and to link your negative view of your experience with a positive thought or feeling in order to bring about a healing effect.


I support and strengthen couples to reorganize their negatively stored experiences in their relationship and to find the lost view of the essentials of their relationship again. I summarize what is difficult for you to express in simple words and help you to gain a new understanding for each other.


Every day I support companies in creating a healthy and successful working environment. Together with my customers and your team, I reflect on what is going on at work”, creating an atmosphere in which it is possible to talk about stressful work situations, to think about them and to discuss them. If necessary, the employees are reassigned to the correct area of responsibility based on their individual skills.


Every day I support and strengthen families to help each other to a new understanding in order to experience more ease and joy in the family again. Every human being is part of a family system and thus of a relationship.

Meet Nera

Certified Therapist & Life Expert

WELCOME to Nera Therapy. Your competent psychological and educational and mental advisor. I have been supporting individuals, couples and families in difficult life situations for more than 10 years. For just as long I have been supporting employers to create a healthy and successful working environment.

I offer all the tools, advice and support my clients need to be successful in their endeavors.
Take a look around and discover the different services I offer, which clients I have worked with and examples of my work.

"The answer to your question is within reach" Nera Capatt


What I Specialize In

Reviewing positiveness

Showing ways to solve your own problem

Leading a peaceful lifestyle

Bringing positivity back into your life

Developing Your Strategy

Therapy Session

The Journey Towards Peace Begins on the Path of Self Solution. Begin Your Journey Today.

You made me realise things that would have taken me so so much more time and pain to realise by myself. 

- Vilma

Your empathetic way of therapy and showing ways to personal well-being shows what experiences you can show.

- Daniela

The many techniques you use to tackle problems are brilliant and have given me a different perspective on problems.

- Andres

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