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Parent and Family Therapy

Parent and Family Counseling

Do you know this? As parents, we only want the best for our child. We try to give them a happy school time and a smooth transition to adulthood and support them in all areas of life. But often life does not go according to plan and this can be frustrating for us and our children.


The expectations of ourselves, others, and those of our family and our environment can be enormous. Sometimes a downward spiral emerges from which there seems to be no way out. Living together increasingly feels burdensome and demotivating and certain conflicts seem to constantly repeat.


Our children or teenagers can be confronted with a variety of problems. These can range from school problems and communication deficits to difficulties in social behavior, such as aggressive or withdrawn behavior. Also, issues such as skipping school or excessive use of computer and mobile phones can occur.


My parent and family counseling are here for you. I am here to understand the unique challenges of your family and to find solutions together. My goal is to make living together in your family harmonious again."

Parent and Family Counseling by Nera Therapy

"Embrace the opportunities that arise from the conflicts, highs, and lows in your family life."

Does the Following Sound Familiar to You:

"Do you know these situations? As a parent, one sometimes encounters challenges: Maybe you have different parenting ideas than your partner, feel helpless when it comes to setting boundaries, or are simply exhausted. Perhaps there are problems in the partnership, experiences with domestic violence, addiction problems, aggressive behavior or difficulties in a blended family.

Every person is part of a family and therefore also part of a network of relationships. This means that we are all connected in some way to the problems of other family members, whether we are aware of it or not. If this sounds familiar to you, let it be said: You are not alone. Such problems occur in almost every family.

Sometimes we forget that conflicts or crises can also be opportunities for change. My work can help clarify these problems. An important part of my counseling is to explain the connections between personal problems and the unconscious entanglements within the family. Every day, I help families find their own way and implement jointly developed solutions. My goal is to strengthen you as a parent and partner, to bring more lightness and joy into your family.

Helping each other to gain new understanding develops individual solutions and your skills as a family

Helping each other to gain new understanding leads to individual solutions and strengthens your abilities as a family.

What topics can we address in parent and family counseling?

  • Mental illnesses in children and adolescents (e.g., eating disorders, anxieties)

  • Mental illnesses in parents

  • Behavioral issues in children and adolescents (e.g., aggression, insecurity)

  • Conflict situations among family members

  • Challenges in stepfamilies or blended families

  • Separation and detachment conflicts (e.g., starting school, puberty)

  • Chronic illnesses in parents, children, or adolescents

  • Parenting difficulties Problems in kindergarten or school (school anxiety, lack of interest in school, school refusal)

  • Coping with critical life events (e.g., separation, divorce, loss)

These topics can be addressed in parent and family counseling to facilitate better understanding and support for all involved parties.

What Topics Can We Look at in Parent and Family Counseling?

What does parental and family counseling bring to you:

  • Firstly, we shed light on your family life and clarify any issues that may be causing problems. You will learn to understand and actively shape your communication patterns within the family.

  • We examine your parenting approach and develop a (new) mindset with new rules and behaviors. You will strengthen your parenting abilities, gain a new perspective, and try out new self-confidence.

  • We engage in values work because values form the foundation of a family. Your values and your personality.

  • Once the foundation is laid, we gradually go through your daily life and reorganize it. You will learn to structure your daily routines in a way that feels right for all family members.

  • We address any school-related problems your child may have and navigate the challenges of adolescence. Through this, you will discover that many problems often resolve themselves.

  • We also focus on specific situations within your family as well as fundamental topics. You will learn how to find paths and solutions together as a family, actively participating in problem-solving.

  • We will regularly reflect together on how relationships within the family are developing, and growing, and how to handle everyday challenges.

  • During the counseling period, you will have the opportunity to establish close contact with me via email and telephone.

  • My goal is to help you have a happier and more harmonious family life.

Are you interested in parental and family counseling? Sign up today so that we can get to work and address your concerns, improving the quality of life and your family's daily routines.


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