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Parent and Family Counseling

Together Towards a Harmonious Home

The well-being of our children and the happiness of our family are our top priorities. However, in today's fast-paced world, we often face challenges that test our family.

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Personal Support for Your Family

As an experienced family counselor, I understand the difficulties you may be going through. My aim is to support you and your family in finding ways together towards a more peaceful and harmonious coexistence.

Parent and Family Counseling in Detail

We Address Topics Such As:

  • Psychological and behavioral issues in children, teenagers, and parents

  • Internal family conflicts

  • Challenges in stepfamilies and blended families

  • Coping with separations and transitions

  • Managing illnesses and educational challenges

  • Parenting questions and value transmission

Family Cheering

Real Benefits for Your Family Life:

  • Improved communication and relationships within the family

  • Support in your role as a parent

  • Development of new strategies and behaviors

  • Empathy and support for your children's needs

  • Practical tips for daily life and school challenges

  • Continuous support via email and phone

Success Story: The Müller Family

The Müller family faced significant challenges: their 12-year-old son Lukas exhibited problematic behavior at school and the parents disagreed on their parenting approaches.


Through regular counseling sessions, where we practiced communication techniques and developed solution strategies, the family situation noticeably improved. Lukas found new ways to deal with his school issues and the parents learned to communicate more effectively with each other and with their children.


Today, the Müller family enjoys a much more harmonious life together.

What Sets Us Apart:
Empathy and Practical Solutions

Our counseling is characterized by an individualized approach and a deep understanding of each family's situation. Our clients, such as the Schmidt family and the García family, appreciate the practical advice that truly helps in everyday life.

"The individual approach and genuine understanding of our situation."


- Schmidt family

"Practical tips that have truly helped us in our daily lives."


- García family

A range of customized
counseling options

In a world that presents increasingly complex demands on families, we offer tailored counseling options specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of modern families. Our offering includes basic and intensive counseling packages, as well as specialized services and workshops, all crafted to provide support to each family in its uniqueness.

Our Pricing Model: Detailed and Transparent

*CHF and EUR pricings are applied to businesses from Switzerland and EU countries respectively.

Ready to take the first step?

Contact us for your free initial consultation and discover how we can support your family. Our goal is not only to counsel you but to help you and your family achieve a more harmonious coexistence.

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