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Parent and Family Therapy

Parent and Family Counseling

Are you familiar with that? As parents, we only want the best for our children. We would like to enable him to have a nice and successful schoolday and to grow up. That is why we support and accompany it in all aspects of life. It is all the more frustrating for us and our offspring that not everything in life often goes according to plan. The demands on yourself and others as well as the demands of family and immediate environment increase immeasurably and at some point you can no longer live up to these expectations.


A downward spiral ensues, from which it often seems impossible to break out. Living together is only felt to be tedious and demotivating, and certain conflicts keep repeating themselves. In our children or young people, these can be problems at school, communication deficits, problems in social behavior such as aggressive or withdrawn behavior, truancy or computer cell phone addiction, etc.

Parent and Family Counseling by Nera Therapy

Welcome the opportunities that arise after conflicts, ups and downs in your family life.

Does the Following Sound Familiar to You:

With us parents it is more about different educational ideas, helplessness in setting boundaries, exhaustion, partnership problems, experiences of domestic violence, addiction problems, aggressive behavior, problems in the patchwork system, etc. Every human being is part of a family system and thus a part of a relationship. As a result, he shares in the problems of other family members, whether he is aware of it or not. Are you familiar with that? If so, I can reassure you, it happens in almost every relationship system.

We often forget that conflicts or crises are always opportunities for change. My work can be the first step from the outside to clarify your problems, to make clear the connections between the individual problems and unconscious entanglements with the overall family system is an important task of my counseling. Every day I support and strengthen families to find their own way to implement the individually developed solutions and to strengthen skills as parents and couples in order to bring more ease and joy into the family.

Helping each other to gain new understanding develops individual solutions and your skills as a family

Helping each other to gain new understanding develops individual solutions and your skills as a family

What Topics Can We Look at in Parent and Family Counseling?

  • Mental illnesses in children and adolescents (e.g. eating disorders, fears)

  • Mental illnesses in the parents

  • Behavioral problems in children and young people (e.g. aggression, insecurity)

  • Conflict situations between family members

  • Challenge as a step or blended family

  • Separation and detachment conflicts (e.g. school enrollment, puberty,...)

  • Chronic diseases in parents, children or adolescents

  • Parenting difficulties

  • Problems in kindergarten or school (fear of school, lack of interest in school, refusal to go to school)

  • Coping with critical life events (e.g. separation, divorce, loss)

What Topics Can We Look at in Parent and Family Counseling?

What Do Parent and Family Therapy Do for You?

  • First, we will examine your family life and clarify things that are currently in trouble between you. You will learn to understand and actively shape your communication patterns within the family.

  • We look at your upbringing and work out a (new) attitude with new rules and behavior. You will learn to strengthen your own parenting skills, take a new perspective and try out new self-confidence.

  • We do value work, because values ​​support the family. Your values ​​and your personality.

  • Once the basis has been created, we go through your everyday life step by step and sort things out. You learn to organize your everyday life in such a way that it feels right for all family members.

  • We look at your child's school problems and the situation of puberty. You will learn how it is possible that many problems often solve themselves.

  • Also on specific situations in your family, as well as on fundamental issues. You will learn how to find ways and options for action together in the family and how to actively help to solve problems yourself.

  • We will regularly reflect together on how relationships in the family develop and grow and how you deal with everyday challenges.

  • During the consultation period, you have the opportunity to establish close contact with me by e-mail and telephone.

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