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Online Psychological Consultation

Location-independent conversations

The greatest advantage of my service is its unique flexibility. It offers the freedom to receive professional counseling from anywhere - whether comfortably from your sofa or any other place of your choice - and at times that suit you, such as in the evenings.

I'm very glad you've found your way here. Are you currently in a phase of uncertainty, facing important decisions, or going through a challenging time? My online counseling is here to offer you support and concrete approaches to solving your issues.

Insights into Online Psychological Counseling

Sharing personal worries and fears with someone you don't yet know can be a significant challenge. I fully understand these reservations. However, often, a fresh, external perspective on your situation can provide valuable new insights.


I'm here to help you gain more clarity and work together to find solutions to your challenges. Day after day, I support people in similar situations, whether it be in decision-making, stress management, or dealing with family conflicts.


Together, we develop strategies to sustainably improve your life situation. My goal is to help you achieve a deeper understanding of yourself and make your life more joyful.

Topics of Online Counseling

In our online counseling, we can address a wide range of topics. These include future worries, internal restlessness, negative emotions, decision-making problems, concentration difficulties, self-doubts, as well as interpersonal and professional challenges.

Online Course
Distance Learning

What You Can Expect from Online Counseling:

  • A deeper understanding of yourself and your true desires.

  • Identification of blockages that prevent you from reaching your goals.

  • An examination of your personal values.

  • New perspectives on everyday challenges to develop effective solution approaches.

  • An evaluation of different life areas and the necessary changes.

  • A focus on both specific issues and broader life themes.

  • An improvement in your general well-being, stress reduction, and assistance in managing negative moods.

  • Regular communication via email or phone during the counseling phase to ensure continuous support.

  • Online sessions that typically last 60 minutes, with the option for extended 90-minute sessions for more in-depth conversations.

Pricing for Online Psychological Counseling

Welcome to the pricing section, where we focus on offering accessible and flexible services, tailored to your individual needs. Here you will find a clear and adaptable pricing structure that will help you choose the option that best fits your personal situation.

Introductory Consultation

An introductory session that offers you the opportunity to get to know the counseling service and decide how you wish to proceed.

120 CHF / 110€  

Individual Session (60 minutes):

  • 150 CHF / 140€  

  • Ideal for clients who prefer flexibility and do not need regular sessions.


  • Basic Package (4 sessions): 580 CHF / 550€ (per session 145 CHF / 137.50€)

  • Premium Package (8 sessions): 1120 CHF / 1050€ (per session 140 CHF / 131.25€)

  • Intensive Package (12 sessions): 1620 CHF / 1520€ (per session 135 CHF / 126.67€)  


These packages are designed for clients who decide to commit to ongoing follow-up and benefit from a discount.

Additional Services:


  • Emergency Session (30 minutes, available at short notice): 80 CHF / 75€

  • Extended Session (90 minutes): 220 CHF / 205€  

For deeper conversations when more time is needed.



  • Payment Options: The possibility of paying for packages in installments can be discussed, to make our service accessible to all clients.

  • Currency Adjustment: The pricing structure takes into account current exchange rates and market trends. Adjustments due to currency fluctuations are reserved.

My goal is to offer you a fair and transparent pricing structure, allowing you to choose the right psychological counseling service for you, regardless of your location.

*CHF and EUR pricings are applied to businesses from Switzerland and EU countries respectively.

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