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37. Wild Rose: The Blüte der Lebenslust

37. Wild Rose: The Blüte der Lebenslust

German name: Wilde Rose

Latin name: Rosa canina

Basic feeling: I don't do anything because it has no purpose anyway.

  • Basically, you no longer have any motivation to change anything in your life?

  • You haven't really been happy about anything for a long time?

  • The apathy you show sometimes bores others?

  • It hardly gets you off track anymore, because you can feel neither deep sorrow nor great joy?

  • Haven't laughed from the heart for a long time?

Helpful for children who often feel listless and tired and are constantly sitting in front of the TV or computer and can hardly be motivated to do activities.

Wild Rose promotes your enterprising spirit and interest in life. It dispels indifference, dullness and resignation. With new motivation, new goals can be set.

  • You get your motivation and joie de vivre back.

· You become more creative and active in your life.

  • You learn to accept challenges and not just accept them.

  • It will again be possible for you to change things in your life.

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