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35. White Chestnut: The Mind Blossom

35. White Chestnut: The Mind Blossom

German name: Weisse Kastanie

Latin name: Aesculus hippocastanum

Basic feeling: I am trapped in my thoughts.

  • When you fall asleep or wake up at night, a thought begins to circle like a hamster in a pedal and you are clean?

  • Your brain rattles all day and is way too overactive?

  • Sometimes you can hardly concentrate because of all the thoughts?

  • Again and againdo you roll a certain topic without coming to a conclusion?

  • It's hard to switch off?

  • You often seem unfocused and mentally absent to your fellow human beings?

Helpful for children who have difficulty concentrating.

White Chestnut helps you to interrupt your head carousel, you have a clear head andcan concentrate on the essentials. Problems therefore quickly find a solution.

  • You will arrive at yourself and find your inner strength.

  • You will be able to concentrate longer again.

  • It will be possible for you to no longer be a prisoner of your thoughts.

  • You learn to let go of certain topics.

  • You will be able to switch off and thus get the right result for your topic.

  • You will be able to sleep through again.

  • You can focus mentally again.

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