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32. Vine: The Flower of Authority

32. Vine: The Flower of Authority

German name: Weinrebe

Latin name: Vitis vinifera

Basic feeling: I know that best anyway.

  • You are reluctant to give in?

  • You are very ambitious and always go through with your cause – regardless of losses?

  • Do you have your difficulties with authority figures?

  • You basically only do what you think is right and don't give much to the things of others?

  • Are you said to sometimes run over other people with your dominant nature?

Vine fosters respect and compassion for those around you. It helps you to free yourself from your self-glory.

  • You can distinguish between healthy and exaggerated ambition and constructive leadership style.

  • You will become more open-minded and people-friendly.

  • It promotes your mental agility and cognitive ability.

  • You can deal more and more with the fact that you are not always right.

  • You will also be able to admit mistakes and agree with others.

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