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31. Vervain: The Blossom of Enthusiasm

31.  Vervain: The Blossom of Enthusiasm

German name: Eisenkraut

Latin name: Verbena officinalis

Basic feeling: I have to change the world.

  • Would you like to tear everything downwith your enthusiasm?

  • If you are convinced of something, then there is no stopping you. You absolutely have to pass it on?

  • Others often tell you that you like to overshoot the mark?

  • You often realize too late that you annoy others with your overzealousness?

  • You want to convince all other people of your entrenched opinions and ideas?

  • Are you easily irritable and sensitive?

  • You get annoyed quickly and get upset when you can't do everything you want to do?

Vervain It helps you to respect different attitudes and let everyone live happily in their world. It has a relaxing and healing effect on the psyche. Insomnia, high blood pressure and nervous tension disappear.

  • You can sleep through again and are no longer so nervous.

  • You are no longer perceived as intrusive by your fellow human beings.

  • You can have more tolerance for those around you.

  • You no longer impose your opinion on others.

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