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30. Sweet Chestnut: The redemption blossom

30. Sweet Chestnut: The redemption blossom

German name: sweet chestnut

Latin name: Castanea sativa

Basic feeling: I am at the end.

  • Youhave never been so desperate in your life?

  • You don't know a way out of this situation at the moment?

  • How bad is it supposed to come?

  • You ask me how you are supposed to endure all this?

  • Deep sadness and despair currently dominate your mind?

  • There have already been many crises and yet it has mostly continued?

  • You feel empty inside?

  • You try to resist your condition despite your situation?

  • You try not to let yourself be noticed against the outside?

  • No one has any idea what crisis you are in?

Sweet Chestnut helps you to find a way out of the hopeless situation.

  • You can recognize and give up the blocking resistance and reservations about the reality of life.

  • You become more optimistic.

  • It helps you to overcome the state through an extreme event.

  • You regain confidence in yourself and are ready to accept help.

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