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29. Star of Bethlehem: Die Trostblüte

29. Star of Bethlehem: Die Trostblüte

German name: Doldiger Milchstern

Latin name: Ornithogalum umbellatum

Basic feeling: I can't cope with that.

  • You have a stroke of fate behind you and are still stunned?

  • There may be situations in your life that have hurt you a lot and that leave emotional wounds that still hurt now?

  • Beautiful or unpleasant events resonate in you for a very long time?

  • You notice that you have not yet digested many things and are still suffering due to some sad events?

  • However, these events can also be a very long time ago: e.g. birth or childhood dreams, death, accident, separation, etc.

Star of Bethlehem is considered a soul comforter and helps you overcome physical or psychological trauma. Stressful life situations are better endured and terrible shock experiences are processed. It awakens a self-healing powers and strengthens the ability to exert oneself. It is part of the Rescue Remedy.

  • You will be able towork through the undigested experiences.

  • You can forgive and thereby heal your emotional wounds.

  • You don't completely lose your grip in difficult times.

  • You realize that you can mature during this time.

Note: Star of Bethlehem is one of the Bach flowers of emergency drops and is particularly suitable for mother and child, for example.

How the condition manifests itself in children

  • Already the birth represents a traumatic experience. It is therefore advisable to give newborns a few drops of the essence Star of Bethlehem in their bath water after birth.

Further application possibilities:

  • Basic remedy for all babies

  • In case of stressful experiences in pregnancy

  • after traumatic births

  • after shock-like experiences or accidents

  • after separation or divorce of the parents

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