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28. Scleranthus: The Balance Flower

28.  Scleranthus: The Balance Flower

German name: One-year-old ball

Latin name: Scleranthus annuus

Basic feeling: What should I do?

  • This or that? No idea?

  • You are often torn, internally or when it comes to upcoming decisions?

  • With your friends youare considered unreliable, because you often change your decisions and opinions?

  • Often they are also subject to your moods?

  • You arefaced with decisions and think like that?

  • Are you prone to volatility?

  • Are you often unfocused?

  • It is important to you to be independent and to make your own decisions?

  • That's why you don't like to ask others for advice?

Scleranthus helps you to find your inner balance and balance again.

  • You become more self-confident and can make your own decisions again.

  • You develop a clear opinion formation.

  • You become more reliable again.

  • You now know your feelings and can deal with your mood swings.

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