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26. Rock Rose: The escalation blossom

26. Rock Rose: The escalation blossom

German name: Gelbes Sonnenröschen

Latin name: Helianthemum nummularium

Basic feeling: Help – I panic.

  • If something overwhelms you, do you easily panic and can no longer think clearly?

  • With hectic, chaos or nervousness in your environment, do you quickly get palpitations?

  • When you think of certain situations, you get excited and your heart races like wild?

Rock Rose is the remedy for sudden anxiety, loss of control in exceptional situations, panic and all other emergencies. It helps you to master the stress situations.

  • It supports you in case of sudden illnesses.

  • In the case of trauma, e.g. when you just learn about the death or accident of a loved one.

  • It also helps with other exceptions and crisis situations.

  • It helps you to get back into balance in these exceptional situations.

  • It gives you more serenity, presence of mind and courage.

Note: Initially, the Bach flower Rock Rose was Dr. Bach's only emergency remedy. Over time, he combined it with Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens and Star of Bethlehem. This mixture is nowadays known as emergency drops (Rescue Remedy).

Rock Rose for Kids

  • For children who have nightmares

  • For children suffering from panic attacks

  • For children who scream loudly out of fear or cry bitterly

  • For children who become hysterical under stress



·         Your child often clings to you in panic and seeking protection.

·         It develops a panicked fear and cries, trembles, screams loudly and seems petrified,

·         Your child easily gets palpitations and wet hands.

·         Sometimes it runs into a safe corner and covers its eyes and ears.


Rock Rose promotes:


·         To overcome the panicked fear in your child or  do not allow it to arise.

·         It has a calming effect on your child and relieves heart palpitations.

Your child learns to free himself from paralysis and it strengthens his nerves.

Rock Rose for Animals

  • For animals that react in panic

  • In acute anxiety that manifests itself all over the body

  • After great horror

  • After accidents

  • For animals that behave irrationally in exceptional situations




  • Acute physical and mental panic situations. Can be triggered by accident, panic, sunstroke, heat stroke, thunderstorm fear, after difficult childbirth.

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