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23. Olive: The Regeneration Flower

23. Olive: The Regeneration Flower

German name: Olive

Latin name: Olea europaea

Basic feeling: Everything grows over my head.

  • You can only sleep, sleep, sleep ....?

  • You canhardly regain your strength?

  • You overwhelm meagain and again and only when the air is out,do you notice that it was too much again?

  • You have a difficult phase, which has taken a lot of your strength, behind you?

  • You long forpeace and strength?

Olive promotes rapid regeneration after physical and mental stress situations. It restores dnormal performance.

  • You feel strength and confidence again.

  • You can divide your powers yourself again.

  • It will again be possible for you not to overwhelm yourself.

Olive for Kids

  • For children who are exhausted after exercise

  • For children who are exhausted

  • For children who just want to have their peace and quiet



·         Your child feels powerless and seems increasingly exhausted throughout the day.

·         It has a pale complexion and doesn't really feel like doing anything.

·         Your child lacks perseverance and motivation.


Olive promotes:


·         In your child, to feel physically and mentally stronger again.

·         Even in the recovery phase after surviving illness, it supports your child to find himself.

·         It helps your child to find the lost energy again and to awaken his life spirit.

Olive for Animals

  • For exhausted animals

  • For regeneration after great effort

  • For regeneration after illness



  • General weakness, fatigue and exhausted by exertion. Can be triggered by regeneration after illness or overexertion, after medication.

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