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22. Oak: The Endurance Flower

22.  Oak: The Endurance Flower

German name: Stieleiche

Latin name: Quercus robur

Basic feeling: I can't really do it anymore.

  • I'm holding out...!

  • You pass over your low points and continue to work despite exhaustion?

  • You often think you have to endure everything until the end?

  • If you have promised something to others, do you keep your word no matter what happens in the meantime?

  • Are you strong-willed, reliable and persistent?

  • You are dogged and stubborn?

  • You don't give up your tasks even when you're exhausted?

  • You don't think anyone else can do it the way you do?

  • Do you neglect your own private needs?

Oak promotes your inner loosening and works against stubbornness and intransigence.

  • You become calmer and more relaxed.

  • You become more compliant and learn to make more compromises than before.

  • You accept someone else's help again.

  • It will be possible for you to deal with your own weaknesses.

  • You can meet your private needs again.

Oak for Kids

  • For children who overwhelm themselves so as not to show weakness

  • For children who are overly ambitious

  • For children who do not accept help

  • For children who absolutely have to finish something


·         Your child is very diligent.

·         It is tireless, purposeful and never ends in its work.

·         It does not want to accept help in situations where it is overwhelmed.

·         Your child always wants to do everything himself , even if he is sick.


·         It helps your child to get to know its limits and to recover in peace in case of illness.

Oak for Animals

  • For tireless animals

  • For animals that exhaust themselves

  • For animals that never end


  • Tirelessness, there are no limits to complete exhaustion.  Can be triggered by too muchT raining overstrain or age complaints.

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