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14. Heather: The Identity Blossom

14.  Heather: The Identity Blossom

German name: Scottish heather

Latin name: Calluna vulgaris

Basic feeling: I am the greatest.

  • You usually want to talk about your problems from the soul?

  • You currently need a lot of affection and affection and suffera lot when no one is there?

  • You are often accused of not being a good listener and that you lack the feeling for your interlocutors?

  • You would never admit to yourself that you have feelings of inferiority.

Heather promotes the adult handling of one's own needs.

  • You regain your natural self-esteem.

  • You will be able to develop understanding for others.

  • Your judgment will be strengthened and your new understanding of your fellow human beings will also strengthen your ability to relate.

  • Your feelings of inferiority will be alleviated.

Heather for Kids

Basic feeling: I am the greatest, I want affection, no matter if I am annoying or pushy.

  • For children who always want to be the center of attention

  • For children who have no sense of their environment

  • For children who are only interested in their own problems

  • For children who quickly feel neglected

  • For children who chatter incessantly


·         Your child talks incessantly and wants to be the center of attention all the time.

·         Also, it can't stand being alone .

·         It is always in motion and has the urge to be noticed by others.

·         Your child doesn't care if it's intrusive at the moment, or even stands out with its lying stories.

·         Also, it very often crowds between the adults to talk in between.

·         Due to the constant attention it needs, your child is very self-centered.

·         As a result, your child lacks empathy for fellow human beings or animals.


Heather promotes:


·         With your child, you will learn to open up more to other people and animals and to develop empathy towards them.

·         It supports your child in being able to stay alone.

·         Your child learns to free himself from the fixation of his own person and thus perceives many things differently.

Heather for Animals

Basic feeling: I am the greatest, I want affection, no matter if I am annoying or pushy.

  • For animals that can't be alone

  • For pushy animals

  • For animals that constantly need to draw attention to themselves



  • Too lively and overly intrusive.  Can be triggered by  insecurity, change of location, change of ownership, too early separation of the young from the mother, lost young, extreme changes, panic.

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