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13. Gorse: The Blossom of Hope

13.  Gorse: The Blossom of Hope

German name: Stechginster

Latin name: Ulex europaeus

Basic feeling: I throw in the towel.

  • You are hopeless and believe that hardly anyone can help you anymore?

  • You'llhang easily?

  • Maybe you are plagued by a chronic condition and believe that you can no longer be helped?

  • Can only a miracle help you?

  • You always try something new, but you don't really believe in success anymore?

Gorse nurtures your hope and creativity.

  • You feel hope in prolonged stressful or difficult life circumstances.

  • You continue to fight with chronic or incurable diseases encouraged.

  • Even if problems show up from time to time, and you resign in other areas of life, you regain your confidence.

  • You gain new powers, this is often the first step to healing diseases.

Gorse for Kids

Basic feeling: I throw in the towel, I resign.


  • For children filled with hopelessness

  • For children who do nothing to improve their situation

  • For children who believe that no one can help them


·         Your child doesn't talk about their problems or needs.

·         It seems closed and introverted.

·         It often reigns annoyed and stubborn when you try to address the problems.


It is important for you to recognize whether your child is in a completely resigned state.

If so, please remember that your child has often been suffering for a very long time and now needs  therapeutic help.

Causesof the resigned state can be:


·         Financial worries in the family, deaths, addictions of caregivers or even loveless treatment by one's own family.


Gorse promotes:


·         With your child to move out of resignation and gives hope and strength to go new ways. It has a supportive effect given to therapeutic treatment.

Gorse for Kids

Basic feeling: I throw in the towel, I resign.


  • For animals that are hopelessly desperate

  • For animals with little will to live


  • Apathetic, powerless and tired.  Can be triggered by wound healing, after separation, loss.

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