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9. Clematis: The Flower of Reality

9.  Clematis: The Flower of Reality

German name: Weisse Waldrebe

Latin name: Clematis vitalba

Basic feeling: That's all too stupid for me here.

  • You like to lose yourself in daydreams, illusionary hopes, speculations and fantasies about the future?

  • You are a bit unworldly by nature and have a lot of dreamy abilities and tend to escape into the fantasy world.

  • Problems often show up in lack of concentration, inattention, forgetfulness, messiness and unreliability, because you simply forget a lot?

  • Clemati's children are very dreamy and often lose themselves in other worlds, like to tiptoe or are often unfocused or absent at school.

  • You are usually very calm and introverted.

Clematis promotes da feeling that the future should be shaped in the present.

  • You get the willingness to develop a real interest in real life.

  • You develop your realism with rational assessment of the situation.

  • You are back with heart and soul in your task.

  • You can focus on the essentials again.


Clematis promotes grounding and spiritual presence, the realization of ideas and the acceptance of the reality of life. You wouldbecome more alert, interested, active, tidy, punctual and reliable.

Clematis for Kids

Basic feeling: This is all too stupid for me here, I feel unmotivated.


  • For children who sleep at school

  • For children living in a dream world

  • For children who are often not involved

  • For children who are inattentive


·         Your child likes to pull through because of his sensitivity to being alone.

·         Manual and practical activities are a thorn in the side.

·         It is imaginative and artistically gifted.

·         Your child lacks drive and will and is sometimes too quiet a contemporary.

·         It often sinks into its own phant asiewelt or dimension.

·         As a result, your child seems dreamy or even absent and you sometimes have the feeling that he does not perceive his surroundings at all.


Clematis promotes:


·         To empathize with your child in the present.

·         It learns to direct perception to the real environment.

·         Your child will learn to concentrate better.

·         It promotes the learning to take responsibility and thus to fulfill tasks more easily.

·         The existing loss of reality is reduced.

Clematis for Animals

Basic feeling: This is all too stupid for me here, I feel unmotivated.


  • For disinterested animals

  • For animals that behave passively

  • For animals that sleep all day

  • For dreamy animals


  • Solitary, apathetic and absent (daydreamer).

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