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4. Centaury: The Flower of the Dienens

4. Centaury: The Flower of the Dienens

German name: Gemeines Tausendgüldenkraut, Gallkraut, Bitterkraut, Allerweltsheil

Latin name: Centaurium umbellatum

Basic feeling: I am always taken advantage of.

  • You finallywant to do what you want yourself – and not just what others want?

  • But maybe you don't feel it so well yourself?

  • As a child, you already liked to help – more than your siblings?

  • You are accused of being too compliant?

  • If you say NO, does a guilty conscience sometimes plague you?

Centaury promotes your ego strength.

  • It helps you to focus on the ability to set boundaries, the recognition, formulation and enforcement of your own needs .

  • You get inner strength to be able to say "no"

Centaury for Kids

Basic feeling: I am good-natured and sensitive and am always exploited.

  • For children who are too good-natured

  • For children who are remarkably easy to care for

  • For children who allow themselves to be exploited by other children

  • For children who let other children boss them around

  • For children who put their own wishes aside

  • For children who always subordinate themselves


  • Your child seems shy and dependent.

  • It just can't say no and is easily persuaded by the others to do anything.

  • As a result, it does not even notice that it is being exploited.

  • Your child is hard to miss to assert himself against others.

  • For this reason, it willingly gives its toys to the other children.

  • The good-naturedness it carries in itself leads to the fact that it always puts its wishes behind.

Centaury promotes:

  • With your child, that it comes out of the shell and also learns to say "no".

  • It allows your child to deal with conflicts.

  • It learns that it does not always have to subordinate itself to others.

  • Your child is strengthened in personality development and learns to notice when it is being exploited.

Centaury for Animals

Basic feeling: I am good-natured and sensitive.


  • For weak-willed animals

  • For submissive animals

  • For animals that are easily influenced

  • For animals that cannot assert themselves

  • For animals that are strongly fixated on the owner

  • In case of long illness


  • Long illness, deworming, strong owner fixation and submissiveness. They are easily influenced and are too good-natured.

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