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3. Beech: The tolerance flower

3. Beech: The tolerance flower

German name: Rotbuche

Latin name: Fagus sylvatica

Basic feeling: They all have no idea.

  • You can find a hair in the soup everywhere?

  • You are often critical or react intolerant, petty and pedantic?

  • Are you very strict with yourself and others?

  • You immediatelynotice the mistakes of other people, thinkyou know what is right and wrong and criticizevery quickly (nagging, criticism, rejection)?

  • Or do you feelemphatically friendly and tolerant under all circumstances, even if you do not like the behavior of other people inside?

  • You try to gloss over other people's behavior, try to understand everyone, even if you don't really feel it that way, and prefer to avoid conflicts rather than express your own opinion?

Beech promotes your compassion and tolerance.

  • You are encouraged to see again the beauty that surrounds you.

  • You become more understanding of yourself and other people.

  • You show more empathy for the different behaviors and situations of your fellow human beings.

Beech for Kids

Basic feeling: They all have no idea.

  • For children who find fault with everything

  • For children who are nagging

  • For children who are very picky

  • For children who seem old-fashioned


  • Your child tries to be the boss above all and feels " too" smart for his age, often finds other children of the same age stupid.

  • It feels superior to others and finds it difficult to compromise.

  • It nags at everything and rejects everything foreign.

  • You and the others can't please your child and often hear the same sentence: "I know better, you / you have no idea. "

Through this attitude, it rejects new and foreign things and has hardly any friends.

Beech promotes:

  • To develop compassion and tolerance for yourself and others in your child.

  • In a positive state, it learns to appease the leader's position and to compromise with fellow human beings.

  • As a result, it also learns to accept and win friends again.

Beech for Animals

Basic feeling: I only tolerate myself.

  • For animals that are intolerant to other animals

  • For animals that are intolerant to humans

  • For animals that are intolerant to certain situations

  • For animals with excessive protective instinct

  • For unclean animals


  • Protest peeing, adaptation difficulties, contact difficulties, exaggerated protective instinct, felling atss. Conspecifics are nottolerated and strangers are usually rejected.

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