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24. Pine: The Flower of Self-Acceptance

24.  Pine: The Flower of Self-Acceptance

German name: Scottish pine

Latin name: Pinus sylvestris

Basic feeling: I am to blame for everything.

  • Do you often have the feeling that you don't really deserve what you have achieved?

  • You like to apologize for all sorts of things and often spend days reproaching yourself about something that someone else has long forgotten?

  • When you get a gift, are you often embarrassed?

  • You think you could do a lot better?

  • Rarely is your performance good enough for you?

Pine promotes self-acceptance and helps you to free yourself from feelings of guilt and bad conscience towards other people.

  • You can accept your own mistakes and no longer condemn them.

  • It allows you to take a different perspective on your perfection.

  • You become less self-critical.

  • You will be satisfied with your performance and effort.

Pine for Kids

  • For children who are conspicuously conscientious

  • For children who play the scapegoat

  • For children who often have a guilty conscience

  • For children who do not tolerate criticism

  • For children who are afraid of punishment


·         Your child tends to develop unfounded feelings of guilt.

·         It is constantly afraid  of doing something wrong.

·         It always wants to do everything perfectly and thus tends to perfectionism.

·         Your child feels like they're always pleasing everyone else.

·         If something doesn't work properly, it blames itself and takes responsibility for everyone else, even though it has nothing to do with the matter.

·         Your child has high demands on himself and thinks he has to do everything even better.


Pine promotes:


·         With your child, not feeling responsible for everything.

·         It allows your child to learn to make themselves less vulnerable and vulnerable.

·         It helps your child to accept, to do himself and his, even if he is flawed to accept.

Pine for Animals

  • For animals that feel ashamed or guilty for no reason or excessively

  • Animals constantly seem anxious or shy. Animals are crouched and submissive.


  • Geduckt and submissive. Seem to have a guilty conscience all the time. Can be triggered by bad experiences with previous owners or other animals.

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