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20. Mimulus: The Bravery Blossom

20.  Mimulus: The Bravery Blossom

German name: Spotted Gaucklerblume

Latin name: Mimulus guttatus

Basic feeling: Just not me.

  • Angsthase?

  • When you need to talk tostrangers, are you often embarrassed and shy?

  • Since you are anxious, do you delay important things such as visiting the dentist or the salary interview?

  • You are plagued by existential fears or other nameable fears?

  • You are sensitive, shy and have turned into yourself?

  • You are often afraid of animals, cold, darkness, diseases, pain?

  • Are you afraid of new situations and being alone?

Mimulus is the remedy for anxiety. Promotes an ability to assess dangers correctly and sensibly and generally makes you more courageous.

  • If you are specifically afraid of something and you can name it clearly, it supports you in overcoming the fears.

  • You will be strengthened to open up to new situations.

  • You lose the fear of facing new challenges.

  • You develop a more relaxed approach to your own sensitivity.


Difference to Aspen: Aspen is used for inexplicable and unfounded fears.

Mimulus for Kids

  • For children with a concrete fear

  • For children who  are afraid of everything and that

  • For children with inhibitions

  • For children who blush quickly


·         Your child is afraid of thunderstorms, monsters, animals, strangers and all other scenarios.

·         It clings to you in such situations.

·         Your child is often shy, shy of people, stutters, blushes and has nervous tics.


Mimulus promotes:


·         In your child, to develop more courage and bravery.

·         It learns to deal with their fears.

·         For babies who cry for no reason when they wake up, it helps them to calm down and find inner balance.

Mimulus for Animals

  • For animals with identifiable fears (touch, thunderstorm, veterinarian, etc.)

  • For restrained animals

  • For shy animals



  • Fear of concrete situations, things or people. For example, from noise. Can be triggered by surgery, after injuries, in case of fear of certain influences.

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