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18. Impatiens: The Blossom of Time

18.  Impatiens: The Blossom of Time

German name: Gland-bearing springwort

Latin name: Impatiens glandulifera

Basic feeling: None of this is going fast enough for me.

  • Time pressure determines your current life? You'rerushed through the day?

  • You have a very quick comprehension and want to push things forward?

  • Nothing goes fast enough for you?

  • You feel hindered by the slow way of working of fellow human beings and often become impatient and irritated very quickly?

  • Before you explain something to your colleague, doyou prefer to do it yourself?

  • Do you preferto do everything the same?

  • You have little patience with yourself and with others?

Impatiens promotes your inner peace again and supports you in being more tolerant and patient towards other people.

  • It will be possible for you to regain inner peace.

  • You develop patience and tolerance towardsyour fellow human beings.

  • It helps you against fear of failure.

  • You rediscover your healthy will to perform .

  • Your attitude to life becomes active.

Impatiens for Kids

  • For children who are hyperactive

  • For children who make careless mistakes

  • For kids who are hectic

  • For children known as fidgety Philip

  • For children who can't wait

  • For impatient children


  • Your child has tomove constantly and cannot sit still.

  • It knows no rest and everything has to go very quickly.

·         Your  child's (hyper)activity can suddenly tip over into fatigue with tantrums.

·         Da child is very impulsive and many things  he does  hastily for this reason.

·         Due to the inner restlessness happen to your child,  careless mistakes and tasks are often done only uncompletely, because it is already in the mind of the next task.

·          It often feels that others are too slow.


Impatiens promotes:


·         With your child, to become more concentrated, calm and relaxed.

·         It allows your child to act less impulsively.

Impatiens for Animals

  • For impatient animals

  • For nervous animals

  • For animals that always need to be in action



  •  Lis irritable, impatient and hasty. Can be triggered by strong temperament.

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