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17. Hornbeam: The elastic flower

17.  Hornbeam: The elastic flower

German name: Weissbuche

Latin name: Carpinus betulus

Basic feeling: I just can't do it anymore.

  • You need a lot of coffee, tea or cigarettes in the morning to get going properly?

  • You feel burned out and tired?

  • It's hard to get out of bed in the morning?

  • Sometimes you would prefer not to get up at all?

  • You often feel thatI am limp inside and everyday life does not give you any particular pleasure?

  • Do you usually bloom in the evening?

Hornbeam promotes a motivation and self-confidence to find again.

  • It will be possible for you to find and strengthen new optimism.

  • You develop joy in life again.

  • Through your new understanding of your feelings, you no longer feel disappointed in life.

Hornbeam for Kids

  • For children who can't start homework

  • For children who can't pull themselves together

  • For children who are musty in the morning

  • For children who only want to do what  makes them spass


·         You may or must knock on your child's door more often so that it can finally get out of bed.

·         D a child sneaks around, is limp and often feels tired.

·         Getting up in the morning is difficult for the child and it sits unrested and musty at the breakfast table.

·         Your child dreams around and takes a long time before he starts with homework.

·         Often your child has the feeling that he can not finish the  tasks of the day.

·         You have to push it to complete the assigned tasks .

·         On the  other hand, your child's tiredness  is blown away as soon as he  has a task that interests him or as soon as he is allowed to play or friends come.


Hornbeam promotes:


·         With your child, to find more interest in school.

·         It allows your child to develop the necessary motivation to complete the tasks set.

Hornbeam for Animals

  • For unmotivated animals

  • For animals kept inappropriate

  • For burnt-out animals

  • For animals that can't pull themselves together

  • For animals that have to be forced to their happiness

  • For old and weak animals


  • Tiredness, lack of drive and overload. Can be triggered by exhaustion, inappropriate husbandry, weak, old animals.

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