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39. Emergency Drops: The shock flower mixture

39.  Emergency Drops: The shock flower mixture

German name: emergency drops

Latin name: Rescue

Basic feeling: Mental confusion.

  • Are you mentally confused? e.g. after a family dispute, a disappointment or bad news?

  • Are you facing an unpleasant situation (visit to the dentist, surgery, court date, examination)?

  • You may have just gotten a fright (accident, heart attack, ..)?

  • Do you work in a stressful environment?

Of all the Bach flower essences, this mixture is the most famous. This combination works for every personality type and immediately brings noticeable relaxation, inner peace and serenity.

Dr. Edward Bach anticipated the results of today's stress research and recognized the following five occurring behavioral patterns (including associated flowers) as a reaction in an exceptional situation:

  • Star of Bethlehem Fright and anesthesia (trauma, shock, internal injury)

  • Rock Rose Nervous overreaction and panic-like anxiety

  • Impatiens Mental stress, tension and excessive impulses for action

  • Cherry Plum Fear of losing control and strong emotions

  • Clemati's escape into a dream world or appearance of the feeling of being far away, just before unconsciousness

Rescue helps you to dissolve an "energetic fright" on a subtle level. Be it an unforeseen situation, bad news or a fierce argument.

· You lose your fear of going to the dentist, an upcoming exam , or a school performance.

· It will be possible for you to process your mental shock such as after a serious traffic accident.

· You will be able to deal with your panic attacks.

· You learn to accept help and you can let go of the feeling of powerlessness.

Note: Rescue also helps with ailing houseplants or neurotic pets. Both respond positively to a few emergency drops. You do not need to be afraid that the remedy could be "too strong". Despite the combination of five remedies, Rescue is no stronger than other flower essences and it is also absolutely harmless. So it doesn't matter if you administer a larger dose of the emergency drops in the first horror.

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