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10. Crab Apple: The Unification Blossom

10.  Crab Apple: The Unification Blossom

German name: Holzapfel

Latin name: Malus Pumila

Basic feeling: I feel so dirty.

  • Are you a perfectionist?

  • You always haveto do everything exactly, otherwise you are not at peace with yourself?

  • All the little things have to be right so that you don't get nervous? You may also be prone to unhealthy cleanliness mania?

  • Are you prone to a pronounced compulsion to order?

  • Sometimes you disgust mewith a pimple on your nose?

  • You are not satisfied with your body or do I not feel comfortable in it?

Crab Apple promotes theacceptance of one's own body.

  • You learn to set priorities.

  • You feel inner looseness.

  • Da perfectionism is softened.

  • You learn toincrease yourself as you are, which often gives your sex life more momentum.

  • Any skin diseases or impurities disappear.

Crab Apple for Kids

Basic feeling: I feel so dirty.


  • For children who are quickly disgusted

  • For children who don't want to get their hands dirty

  • For children who pay a lotof attention to their appearance

  • For kids who are overly tidy


·         Your child is too tidy and cleanliness is very important for their everyday life.

·         It is disgusted by sticky or dirty hands.

·         It feels irritated by disorder and immediately has the urge to clean up.

·         Your child hates playing in the sand and does not like dirt.

·         For this reason, it also washes its hands constantly.


Crab Appl promotes:


·         To cope with the blemishes in your child during puberty.

·         It helps your child learn how to deal with the urge for cleanliness and order.

·         Your child understands what fanatical traits are and learns to control them.

Crab Apple for Animals

Basic feeling: I feel  so dirty.


  • For animals sensitive to uncleanliness

  • (exaggerated need for cleanliness)

  • For animals that clean themselves all day

  • For fussy animals


  • Discomfort, compulsive neurotic behavior, may also  have been caused by a parasite infestation, after antibiotics, after painkillers.

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