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8. Chicory: The Motherhood Blossom

8. Chicory: The Motherhood Blossom

German name: Wegwarte

Latin name: Cichorium intybus

Basic feeling: I sacrifice myself for other people, but I like to do that.

  • You are very caring, do a lot for your loved ones,nemst an excessiveshare in the lives of your family members, friends, acquaintances or colleagues?

  • On the one hand, you sacrifice yourself for your family, renounce an individual life, but expect in return that your love and help will be gratefully accepted?

  • If this is not the case, do you react with accusations and are offended?

  • Your child or spouse sometimes feels constricted or crushed by your love?

  • Chicory children constantly demand attention, you are often very jealous of new siblings, sometimes also of the same-sex parent.

Chicory promotes an unconditional love.

  • You get the willingness to meet your own mental needs.

  • You can help selflessly without expecting thanks.

  • You don't cling as much anymore andyou're hanging.

  • Likewise, jealousy subsides.

  • Your feelings of inferiority are neutralized.

Chicory for Kids

Basic feeling: I want to be seen and need attention.


  • For children, the brackets

  • For children who can't occupy themselves alone

  • For children who want to be praised for everything

  • For children who expect a reward for what they do

  • For children who do something to get love


·         Your child is easily offended and reacts hypersensitively if it does not go according to his head.

·         It prefers to be the center of attention 24 hours a day and clinging.

·         Your child doesn't want or can't occupy himself.

·         It tries to blackmail you emotionally.

·         It is important for your child to participate in all conversations and believes that he always knows about everything.


Chicory promotes:


·         With your child, the independence and self do not always want to be the focus.

·         It learns that it is not necessary to  look for constant attention due to the sensitivity that your child carries within him.

·         It dissolves self-pity and helps your child to find safety and security within himself.

Chicory for Animals

Basic feeling: I want to be seen and need attention.


  • For animals with high ownership claims

  • For territorially inclined animals

  • For animals that behave tactically



  • Needs a lot of attention, must always be the center of attention and may also have liver problems.

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