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1. Agrimony

1. Agrimony

1 Agrimony

German name: Odermennig

Latin name: Agrimonia eupatoria

Basic feeling: As it looks in me, no one cares.

  • You are aware that your carelessness is only set up.

  • You like to show a happy face to the outside world and are usually in a good mood?

  • You are not very honest, neither with yourself nor with others, especially if it could have a negative effect on you, because you would like to make a good impression?

  • Do you quickly swallow worries and prefer to suppress them and distract yourself with work, suggestions from outsideor "permanent action" in life?

  • You don't have a fight and are very in need of harmony?

  • The inner tension often shows back tension or course vision (eye muscles tense)?

  • Unconsciously, you are trying to get rid of this inner pressure perhaps by chewing nails, cigarettes or a few glasses of alcohol too much? Therefore, even "I will now become a non-smoker" actions usually do not succeed in the long run, since the inner tension remains?

Agrimony helps you to face the fear and pain.

  • You are encouraged to face the fear of rejection, the confrontation with your own feelings, needs and pain.

  • At the same time, it promotes honesty towards oneself and others, as well as the ability to confront conflicts.

Attention Rail effect Attention, taking the Bach flower Agrimony over a longer period of time can trigger a so-called splint effect. Please take the flower only after consultation with a Bach flower consultant for more than 10 days, otherwise other existing negative states of mind may become more pronounced.

Agrimony for Kids

Basic feeling: What it looks like in me is nobody's business.

  • For children who want to avoid quarrels at all costs

  • For children who laugh all the time

  • For children who play the class clown

  • For children who do not want to deal with their problems

  • For children who are not honest with themselves


  • Your childis cheerful, sociable and tries to avoid arguments. They don't like to talk about their own worries and don't like to show their own feelings.

  • It can also happen that your child successfully overplays the inner loneliness and sadness in some developmental periods it goes through. You can imagine it like this, it is a well-thought-out play for your child that it plays.

Agrimony promotes:

  • Honesty and allowing one's own weaknesses

  • Strengthens the willingness to face conflicts

  • Helps your child to communicate about everything again.

Agrimony for Animals

Basic feeling: I always look happy to others.


  • For animals that don't show anything

  • For animals that want to please everyone

  • For animals that behave strangely

  • For animals that always seem happy

  • For animals that behave differently when they are alone


  • Tension, fur plucking, licking, sleep disorders, obesity can be signs.

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