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36. Wild Oat: The Flowering of Vocations

36. Wild Oat: The Flowering of Vocations

German name: Wild oats, oat grass

Latin name: Bromus ramosus

Basic feeling: I have no idea in which direction my life should go.

  • You have a lot of success in life, but you have not yet found the task that completely satisfies you?

  • Even as a child you wanted to be something special, but you didn't know exactly what?

  • You start a lot and finish only a little? Maybe you change your partners often?

  • Secretly, are you still looking for your vocation?

  • Do you have many interests?

  • Are you ambitious and versatile talented?

  • You feel dissatisfied and are always looking for the right thing?

Wild Oat promotes your self-discovery and self-realization and interrupts your inner ambiguity and dissatisfaction.

· You will arrive at yourself and find your inner strength.

  • You will be able to tackle life crises more calmly.

  • It helps you make decisions.

  • It will be possible for you to let go of your inner dissatisfaction.

  • You will be able to use your ambition and talent correctly.

Attention: Wild Oat should be taken over a few months so that your cognition process can come to light in full potential. This brings you clarity about the actual needs and wishes.

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