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25. Red Chestnut: The Detachment Flower

25.  Red Chestnut: The Detachment Flower

German name: Rote Kastanie

Latin name: Aesculus carnea

Basic feeling: I am responsible for everything and everyone.

  • You often worry about your friends, family, partner?

  • You often experience difficult situations of close relatives or friends like your own and have a lot of pity?

  • Do you find it hard to let go of your children as they grow up?

  • You can hardly fall asleep in the evening?

  • Are you constantly afraid that something might happen to your loved ones?

  • By caring for others, do you torment yourself?

Red Chestnut promotes building your own personality boundaries and helps you worry less about and frighten others.

  • It supports you in the detachment process of your child

  • You can think more about yourself again.

  • You realize that every person is responsible for his own life.

  • You can sleep through the night again without worrying about your loved ones.

Tip: Supports e.g. in case of separations or exaggerated motherhood

Red Chestnut for Kids

  • For children who worry too muchabout others

  • For children who are afraid for their family

  • For children who cannot detach themselves from their parents out of worry

  • For children who are too compassionate


·         Your child is constantly afraid that something can happen to you, the siblings or other people in his life.

·         It cannot stand a (even brief) separation from the family, especially the mother. The same applies to other caregivers and pets.

·          Your child  doesn't want to stay alone in kindergarten.

·         Or it is very difficult for you (as a mother) to detach yourself from your child, to let it go in order to be allowed to gain its own experiences.

·         You need to be aware that young children can also take over our fears.


Red Chestnut promotes:


·         The process of cutting the cord between you and your child. Here you should take the Red Chestnut as a parent (mother) together with your child  , as your child also unconsciously takes over your fears.

·         It helps your child to let go of their fears and take their own steps.

Red Chestnut for Animals

  • For overly caring and mothering animals

  • For animals that care about others but do not care about themselves



  • Ständig restless out of fear for the owner. Towards man overprotective.  Can be triggered by fake pregnancy, overzealousness (overzealous guard dogs).

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