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21. Mustard: The Light Blossom

21.  Mustard: The Light Blossom

German name: Wild mustard

Latin name: Sinapis arvensis

Basic feeling: Everything is so bleak.

  • Are you built close to the water?

  • Are you familiar with the dark hours of life?

  • Sometimes an inexplicable sadness overcomes you for no reason?

  • And this is again as fast as it came?

  • You are afflicted by a deep melancholy and have no driving force?

  • You suffer from insomnia?

  • Are you isolated and alone?

  • Have you lost touch with your fellow human beings?

Mustard is the remedy for depression. It causes an inner brightening, has a generally invigorating effect. Tu weare more open to life, more optimistic and more communicative.

  • It helps you to overcome such depression.

  • You develop joy in the little things in life again.

  • You can sleep through again.

  • Even in connection with the phases of change, such as puberty, menopause, midlife crisis , etc., it has a very supportive and calming effect.

Mustard for Kids

  • For children who are grieved or sad for no apparent reason

  • For children who suddenly seem serious

  • For children who don't feel like playing




·         Your child often becomes sad for no reason, no longer understands the world, does not feel understood and becomes uninterested.

·         It often feels overwhelmed and tends to melancholy.

·         Your child seems very serious and feels like he's carrying the whole burden of the world on his shoulder.

·         Sometimes these feelings disappear and it feels understood, for a short time.


Mustard promotes:


·         With your child, to overcome the sadness and the heavy feelings.

·         It helps your child feel happy again.

·         Your child learns to deal with his listlessness and actively participates in life again.

Mustard for Animals

  • For animals that are suddenly sad or depressed for no reason



  • From one moment to the next depressed or sad. Signs may include  constant licking of the coat, self-destructive behavior, licking wounds, fur ss.

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