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6. Cherry Plum: The Serenity Blossom

6. Cherry Plum: The Serenity Blossom

German name: Kirschpflaume

Latin name: Prunus cerasifera

Basic feeling: I'm about to go crazy.

  • Did you oftenwait too long and then your collar bursts? After that, do you usually feel sorry for that?

  • But often you don't get your mouth open beforehand?

  • Sometimes you really have to pull yourself togetherin order not to lose your temper?

  • Basically , you would like to let your feelings run wild, but you are afraid of rejection, rejection or other possible consequences?

Cherry Plum promotes your ability to feel

  • You can express the feelings in a timely and appropriate way.

  • It will be possible for you to have a more relaxed approach to your own inner emotional world.

Cherry Plum for Kids

Basic feeling: I feel stressed, tense and afraid that I  will turn right away.

  • For children with unusual freakouts

  • For children who accumulate their feelings

  • For children who can't control their emotions

  • For children who scream all the time


·         Your child has pent-up and /or suppressed feelings.

·         One has the feeling that this inner tension will burst at any time.

·         It is prone to tantrums that can turn into a destructive rage.

·         Hysterical screaming fits, nightmares, stuttering, nail biting or bedwetting are also part of your child's everyday life.


Cherry Plum promotes:


·         With your child, the willingness to learn to let the feelings run free.

·         It learns to deal with the inner tension.

·         Your child learns to deal with the fear it carries.

Cherry Plum for Animals

Basic feeling: I feel stressed, tense and afraid.


  • For animals that are not in control

  • For animals with uncontrolled temperament outbursts

  • For animals that injure themselves

  • For young animals that have been separated from parents too early


  • Aggressive behavior with panic outbursts, triggered ev. through a shock or accident experience. Lack of uncontrolled temperamental outbursts stemming from suppressed fears.

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