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5. Cerato: The Intuition Blossom

5. Cerato: The Intuition Blossom

German name: Bleiwurz, Hornkraut

Latin name: Ceratistigma willmottiana

Basic feeling: Others can do everything better.

  • Others claim you don'thave your own opinion?

  • You wonder if you should go for your feelings or if you should ask someone?

  • Before you do something wrong, do you prefer to ask others for advice?

  • In the end , however, you are usually right with your first impulse?

Cerato promotes the development ofone's own opinion.

  • You regain decision-making confidence and confidence in your own inner voice .

  • It will bepossible for you to take responsibility and decide for yourself.

Cerato for Kids

Basic feeling: Others can do everything better.


  • For children who ask questions all the time

  • For children who do not have their own opinion

  • For children who follow the Masse

  • For children who follow trends

  • For children who question their answers (e.g. during classwork)



·         Your child likes to copy your behavior or fellow human beings.

·         It cannot decide, constantly asks for advice and accepts the opinions of others.

·         Ta child lacks self-confidence and thus appears  insecure and dependent.

·         In the class tests, it crosses out the correct answer and replaces it with the wrong result.


Cerato promotes:


·         With your child, to trust himself.

·         It learns to listen to its own self.

·         Through the regained self-confidence, it learns to make its own decisions.

·         Your child now succeeds in not being unsettled by the opinions of others

Cerato for Animals

Basic feeling: I feel insecure and don't dare.


  • For unsafe animals

  • For instinctive animals



  • Homesickness, seeking protection in people and feelingone's own self-confidence.

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