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2. Aspen: The Premonition Blossom

2. Aspen: The Premonition Blossom

German name: Zitterpappel

Latin name: Populus tremula

Basic feeling: This cannot go well.

  • You are very sensitive and thin-skinned and therefore subconsciously often perceive things, moods, powers and emotions of other people more strongly than other people?

  • Vague feelings of fear sometimes creep up on you without a concrete reason and give you an uneasy strange feeling?

  • You oftenhave a hard time distinguishing yourself?

  • Due to the often-missing basic trust, you are afraid of life and generally of the future.

  • Do you sometimes suffer from uncanny things that you cannot explain and to which you feel helplessly at the mercy?

Aspen promotes a good ability to differentiate.

  • You can perceive your own feelings and intuitions better; the fear no longer seems so overpowering and disappears over time.

  • You regain basic trust and courageously go your own way.

Aspen for Kids

Basic feeling: I feel anxious and sensitive.

  • For children with unexplained fears

  • For children who can't fall asleep in the dark

  • For children who are very sensitive

  • For children who are overreceptive to the mood of others


  • Da child reacts to strangers or new situations easily anxious and takes many fine vibrations, emotions of fellow human beings.

  • It has nightmares and cannot fall asleep without light.

  • Your child's head is full of questions about everything he is experiencing or allowed to experience.

Aspen promotes:

  • With your child, a relaxed and fearless processing and experiencing the world, both during the day and in dreams.

  • At the same time, it supports pent-up fears, such as fear of loss, fear of darkness, mythical creatures and fear of punishment.

  • It regains security and a strong basic trust.

Aspen for Animals

Basic feeling: I feel anxious and sensitive.

  • For animals with unexplained fears

  • For animals that are frightened for no reason

  • For sensitive animals

  • For weather-sensitive animals


  • Often twitching frighteningly in sleep, motion sickness, weather sensitivity, after abuse.

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