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19. Impatiens: The self-confidence blossom

19. Impatiens: The self-confidence blossom

German name: larch

Latin name: Larix decidua

Basic feeling: I'm not worth it.

  • You havetoo little self-confidence?

  • Before you do something wrong or Iembarrass, would you rather keep it the same?

  • You tend to compare yourself to others and in your opinion the others are doing better and better?

  • You don't tackle a lot of things because you have the feeling that you can't or can't do it?

  • Are you very afraid of failure?

  • Are you very reserved or shy?

  • You always have the feeling that you will never be successful ?

  • You are of the opinion that you are not up to requirements and tasks?

Larch promotes the development of deines self-confidence.

  • It will be possible for you to realistically recognize your own strengths and weaknesses.

  • You get the courage to self-realization.

  • You lose the fear of failure.

Larch for Kids

  • For children who are shy

  • For children who are afraid of doing something wrong

  • For children who are afraid of embarrassing themselves

  • For children who compare themselves to others

  • For children who are dissatisfied with themselves

  • For children who only see their faults


·         Your child is afraid of doing something wrong and embarrassing himself by others.

·         For this reason, it sometimes does not report to school, even though it knows something.

·         Your child doesn't dare to do anything. It doubts its abilities and often feels like a failure.

·         It often says that everyone else is smarter and more beautiful.

·         Your child lacks confidence.


Larch promotes:


·         In your child, to develop self-confidence.

·         It helps your child to break away from the fear of embarrassment.

Larch for Animals

  • For animals without self-confidence

  • For animals that avoid situations where they have to prove themselves



  • Submissive and extremely insecure and felt, always inferior to others.  Can be triggered by learning problems, adaptation problems.

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