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11. Elm: The Blossom of Responsibility

11.  Elm: The Blossom of Responsibility

German name: Hair Elm

Latin name: Ulmus procera

Basic feeling: I can never do that anyway.

  • Do you sometimes suddenly have the feeling that you can no longer continue and are afraid of failing or believe that D is not up to a task?

  • Elm helps you especially if you have a sudden feeling of being overwhelmed, a performance crisis, a lack of reserves or if you tend to overwhelm myself.

  • Likewise, if you suddenly get tired, although you are actually very efficient or if you are so ambitious that you take over again and again and so maybe suddenly get sick.

  • Elm is used as a classic remedy alongside other Bach flowers after "Burnout due to excessive demands".

Elm promotes an awareness of one's own recovery needs and performance limits.

  • You will learn how to deal realistically with responsibilities.

  • During a stressful time, the necessary self-confidence is regained.

  • Your perfectionism will be softened.

Elm for Kids

Basic feeling: I can never do that anyway, I feel inner restlessness.


  • For children wholose heart in the face of a major challenge

  • For children who suffer from temporary fear of failure

  • For children who occasionally doubt their abilities

  • For children who despair during heavy homework

  • For children who are overwhelmed with a current situation


·         Your child is used to doing a good job every day in everyday life or school and always getting good grades.

·         It wants to achieve something meaningful in life.

·         But from one day to the next, it loses courage due to its high demands on itself and your child is plagued by self-doubt.

·         It has a feeling of stage fright and fears failure in everything.

·         As a result, it feels blocked to achieve the goals, which is usually simply missing.


Elm promotes:


·         To overcome the sudden state of discouragement and fear of failure in your child.

·         Your child learns to believe in himself again.

·         Your child will regain his usual self-confidence.

Elm for Animals

Basic feeling: I can never do that anyway, inner restlessness.

  • For animals with low self-confidence

  • For animals that neglect their offspring

  • For overwhelmed animals


  • Seems tense, overwhelmed, hectic,  and runs aimlessly back and forth.

  • Can also be triggered by birth preparation, failure or change of ownership.

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