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34. Water Violet: The Communication Blossom

34.  Water Violet: The Communication Blossom

German name: Swamp water fields

Latin name: Hottonia palustris

Basic feeling: I am enough for myself.

  • You like to be in the background and do I make your own thoughts about situations?

  • Sometimes you feel dI misunderstood or do you feel ddifferently from your fellow human beings?

  • You are more likely to be arrogant and conceited, but actually you are just reserved?

  • In disease situations or when you have worries, do you like to withdraw or do you prefer to solve problems alone?

  • You find it difficult to allow closeness and maybe you secretly like to go through life alone?

  • You always want to keep an attitude and not show any uncertainty?

  • Do you feel lonely and isolated?

  • You show little or not at all your feelings to your fellow human beings?

Helpful for children withdrawing from any circumstances.

Water Violet helps against your contact disorders. It makes you more open-minded and promotes your exchange with fellow human beings. It actively works against your loneliness.

  • You become more open and sociable towards your fellow human beings again.

  • It will be possible for you to show your feelings.

  • You will no longer feel lonely and isolated.

  • You will be able to accept help.

  • You let go of fear of contact.

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