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33. Walnut: The Blossom of Realization

33.  Walnut: The Blossom of Realization

German name: Walnut

Latin name: Juglans regia

Basic feeling: How am I supposed to do that?

  • Are you just about to make a new start?

  • Marriage, divorce, birth of your child, job change, retirement Change of residence, moving out of the parental home?

  • New relationship? Just dared to take the step into self-employment?

  • In this situation , you don't feel I'msafe yet and do I have to find my way around?

  • Unfortunately, you may sometimes be influenced by statements of others or media reports or generally extremecircumstances?

  • Are you afraid of difficult decisions?

Walnut promotes your inner stability. It protects you against negative influences (infections, by strengthening the immune system) and helps with life changes such as teething, puberty, menopause, etc. It generally strengthens the personality and promotes the realization of one's own life path.

  • You gain strength and lose uncertainty.

  • It will be possible for you to deal with changes.

  • You lose the fear of change.

  • You will be able to concentrate even with difficult decisions.

  • You develop your inner stability.

  • You let go of habits and start new projects with an inner relief.

  • You find your inner strength of character and impartiality again.

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