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7. Chestnut Bud: The learning flower

7. Chestnut Bud: The learning flower

German name: Bud of the horse chestnut

Latin name: Aesculus hippocastanum

Basic feeling: I never learn it anyway.

  • You remember things badly and often misplace your key?

  • You find it difficult to concentrate on one thing for a longer period of time because you are often already at the next step in your mind?

  • Learning is not easy for you, you learn very slowly, you are easily distracted and your receptivity is blocked?

  • The same situations happen to you again and again in life (e.g. the same type of man or type woman over and over again, you have already stopped smoking three times andstart again every time, among other things)?

  • You are often inattentive and distracted, would you rather start thinking and processing something new than about experiences you have had?

  • Children cannot concentrate at school, are easily distracted and therefore learn little and very difficult.

Chestnut Bud promotes a concentration.

  • You will be able to concentrate for a longer period of time.

  • Learning will also be easier for you.

  • You will make progress in your development .

  • You may be interested in things you didn't care about before.

TIP: Chestnut Bud is the best support if you want to lose weight or finally don't want to smoke anymore (especially in combination with Agrimony).

Chestnut Bud for Kids

Basic feeling: I never learn it anyway, because I can't focus.

·         For children with concentration difficulties

·         For children who make the same mistakes over and over again

·         For children who don't learn from their mistakes

·         For children who are forgetful


·         Your child is clumsy and stumbles over anything and everything.

·         It often loses or forgets something.

·         Your child lacks concentration, it is difficult to learn and it is always on the move.

·         It is prone to careless mistakes at school and has problems with the indication of time.

·         Also due to the resulting bad school grades and the same  recurring mistakes, it learns nothing and thus comes into the same situations again and again.

·         You often start with the sentence: "Again..." or "How many times do I  have to repeat the same thing..." at.

·         Or your child is so engrossed in his hobby that he shows an enormous knowledge only here and struggles with significant learning problems in the other subjects.

Chestnut Bud promotes:


  • To learn to deal with your child's learning disability.

  • It strengthens learning behaviour and concentration.

  • Your child learns to perceive his own behavior and directs attention to himself.

  • It promotes your child's learning process not to repeat mistakes over and over again.

Chestnut Bud for Animals

Basic feeling: I have no great interest in learning and cannot focus.


·         For animals that can't concentrate

·         For animals that are not capable of learning

·         For dangerous animals

·         For biting animals

·         For animals that are jealous of other animals or babies

·         For careless animals



  • Slow learning, the same mistakes are repeated.  Nervös and Üoverstimulated. Epilepsy, seizures, cough, birth problems may also occur.

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